IBM Partner Heroes

Building Tomorrow, Together

Uncubed & BuzzFeed

Qualified candidates are slipping through HR cracks, and job applicants are miserably faceless in the sea of job openings. With IBM Watson and BuzzFeed, Uncubed created a program that tailors the application process to the interests and skills of each applicant. HR employees can now spend less time screening out unqualified applicants and more time reviewing top candidates.

LegalMation & Walmart

By nature, litigation is time-consuming. It can take a junior associate at a law firm a whole day to draft a single complaint. LegalMation used IBM Watson to disrupt the legal industry by enabling lawyers to create reliable early-phase drafts in two minutes instead of eight hours - drastically reducing the effort and cost for legal departments at Walmart.

Prolifics & Retail Industry

In an age where people turn to the internet to shop, retail stores feel the hands of adaptation squeezing. Customers experience high clothing quality, but also a manual, paper-driven stock replenishment process that frequently results in inefficiencies, errors, and and customer displeasure. Using the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, Prolifics created an internet replenishment system that now puts inventory into the hands of store associates.

Essextec & XACTV Network

The rise of digital advertising has created a media purchasing environment that demands technological invention. Companies like Active international face profit loss if their employees had to continue spending 50% of their days manually processing inventory and media buys. Powered by IBM Cloud, Essextec created a system where Active International could insert media buys, optimize the pricing, and calculate those proposals within hours or minutes — creating XACTV, an alternative media buying solution.