If you're selling IBM software, you're selling IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S).

S&S provides you with a predictable recurring revenue stream and a gateway to higher value cloud, cognitive and solution sales.

As an IBM Business Partner, you can:

  • Offer your customers a solid upgrade and technical support foundation
  • Add value and strengthen relationships
  • Uncover opportunities to grow your base
  • Drive demand for your customized services and solutions – built on IBM Cloud, software and services.

Key links

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Protect Your Critical Data with Guardium

Join IBM and Guardium clients on Wednesday, 17 February 2021 at 3:00 PM CET to learn how Guardium protects and secures data wherever it is. In it, we'll

  • Share what's new in Guardium 11.3
  • Provide an overview of Hybrid Cloud Data Security
  • Show you how Guardium delivers data protection to secure modern data environments

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S&S provides you and your clients with two bottom-line benefits

Download access to fixes, feature packs, new releases, functional and performance enhancements over the entire software lifecycle – helping to accelerate innovation, strengthen security and maximize return on investment.

24x7 access to a personalized online support experience with search and chat powered by Watson, documentation and tools developed and delivered by skilled technical support professionals to help ensure that you get the level of help you need, when you need it

Get started

Join PartnerWorld, register for access to Passport Advantage Online for Resellers, team with a VAD and start earning money today with S&S renewals.

Join and register for access

First, you will need to join the PartnerWorld program and register for access to Passport Advantage Online for resellers.

Review incentives and eligibility criteria

Go to Channel Value Rewards (CVR) and review incentives, eligibility criteria, operation guides, and FAQs.

Team with an IBM authorized Software Value Added Distributor (VAD)

To locate local VADS, go to the Business Partner Locator and follow these steps:

  1. Select your location
  2. Expand the Refine results section
  3. Choose Business Partner Type and check Distributor

Check readiness status

Go to the Authorization Readiness Dashboard and check your readiness status.

Renewal process – timeline, guidance, and best practices

IBM Software Subscription and Support renewals adhere to a defined process and timeline making it easy for clients and Partners alike to plan, budget and manage. 

Watch the video to the right to learn how to pull active renewal line item data from Passport Advantage Online for Resellers.

View or download the S&S renewal timeline and recommended VAD and IBM Business Partner actions below.

Best practices

Use these resources to sell the value of S&S

It's always smart to make sure your clients understand the IBM Passport Advantage Agreements that underpin their IBM Software Subscription and Support benefits.  Often clients may not fully understand coverage terms, all or nothing requirements and the consequences of non or late renewals

Explore financing options with your clients

IBM Global Financing (IGF) benefits everyone: clients, IBM and Business Partners

  • Clients can lock in their S&S spend, spread payments out over time and free up cash
  • IBM can ensure that future renewals are completed without the need for quoting and negotiation
  • Business Partners can earn their full incentive payout or multi-year transactions on day 1

Additional resources

Resources and key links to explore and share with your clients

Explore resources and key links you can share with your clients to ensure they get maximum value from their IBM Software Subscription and Support.