Worldwide enterprise category overview


For companies spanning the globe or many countries, the worldwide enterprise makes it easier to centrally manage your PartnerWorld profile by linking country enterprise profiles together to define a single worldwide enterprise. Similarly, all locations within a country fall under a single country enterprise umbrella. This allows you to assign one worldwide administrator, with access to all country and location profiles and centrally manage all your IBM relationships.

The Worldwide enterprise home page shows your company's worldwide headquarters location and status. There are a number of links on this page that allow you to add a country enterprise, list the country enterprises under the worldwide enterprise and list the employees across the worldwide enterprise.


The Worldwide enterprise menu in the left navigator contains the following selections:
  • Edit Properties: Enables you to change the properties of the selected Worldwide enterprise.
  • Reports: Enables you to generate the following three reports:
    • Hierarchy
    • Employee
    • Skills

In the center pane, click the Select radio button for the worldwide enterprise you would like to work with.

The Action menu enables you to view or update the following information:

  • Add a country enterprise
  • Edit a worldwide enterprise
  • Reports
  • Worldwide enterprise list of country enterprises
  • Worldwide enterprise list of employees

To make a selection on the Action menu, click the Actions field arrow, click your selection, and click the forward arrow.

Worldwide enterprise reports


Worldwide enterprise reports allow you to generate the following reports:
  • Hierarchy report - This report provides details of the worldwide enterprise IDs associated with the profile.
  • Employee report - This report provides details of the active employees associated with the profile.
  • Skills report - This report provides details of the skills associated with the profile.

The output of each report is a .csv file. These reports are available to the APA and allow Business Partners to better understand their PPS data and make it easier to keep the data current.


To generate a report:
  1. Select the worldwide enterprise Reports link. When you click on this link, a list of available reports is displayed.
  2. Select the report you want to generate. The specific report page is displayed.
  3. Select the fields you want to display in the report.
  4. Click Download report.
  5. When prompted, select to either open or save the report. The report is opened or saved in Microsoft Excel (".csv").