A country enterprise has one or more locations within a country out of which, one is the headquarters location. The initial location added to the country enterprise will be considered the headquarters for that country enterprise.

Country enterprise contains information related to your location(s), such as:

  • Company full legal name
  • Company doing business as name
  • Country enterprise headquarters location page
  • Status
  • PartnerWorld benefit level
  • PartnerWorld achieved level
  • Country
  • PartnerWorld level summary page


The Country enterprise menu in the left navigator contains the following selections:

  • Add country enterprise: Enables you to add a country enterprise
  • Reports: Enables you to generate the following three reports:
    • Hierarchy
    • Employee
    • Skills

In the center pane, click the Select radio button for the country enterprise you would like to work with.

The Action menu enables you to view or update information for the selected country enterprise. Note: The Action menu choices vary depending on the characteristics of the country enterprise you selected. The Country enterprise Action menu may contain the following choices:

  • Country enterprise
  • Country enterprise list of employee roles
  • General information
  • PartnerWorld level summary
  • Entitlement management
  • PartnerWorld information
  • Marketing information

To make a selection on the Action menu, click the Actions field arrow, click your selection, and click the forward arrow.

In addition, there is another option in the center pane of the Country enterprise screen. This is:

  • Add a country enterprise