Comprehensive on-line guide with an overview of the PPS System and how to navigate it.

PartnerWorld profile page


The PartnerWorld profile page is the main landing page of the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS) once you sign in.


When you navigate from the PartnerWorld profile page, you can select a Worldwide enterprise, Country enterprise, Location or Employee profile. It is important to note that you must first select the lowest level to navigate within the left navigation. An example would be if you select a Country enterprise, you will be able to select the Worldwide enterprise link from the left navigation bar. However if you select a Country enterprise, you must then select "list the Country enterprise employees" and then select the "Employee list" to move to a specific employee.

The following areas are available on the PartnerWorld profile page. For each of these areas, you will find links which will allow you to take specific actions.

Update your personal information:

This area lists your name as a link and the location to which your profile is associated. Selecting this link will take you to the Employee Summary page where you will be able to view or update your name, e-mail address and more, depending upon your access role in PPS.

Actions requiring attention: this area will provide links to the areas of the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS) which require your further actions, such as: Retrieve a Saved Draft - will take you to information you have saved but have not yet submitted. Pending Agreements - will allow you to review and take action on any agreements that may require your confirmation. This will be an available option only if you are a Primary Relationship Contact (PRC),or Authorized Profile Administrator (APA). Manage Pending Self Association Requests - will allow you to accept pending self association requests submitted by other employees (it will only appear if manual acceptance has been chosen, verses automatic acceptance). This will be an available option only if you are a Primary Relationship Contact or Authorized Profile Administrator.

Authorized profiles:

Some individuals within your company may have more authority than others to perform certain functions and to manipulate information within their company's profile in PPS. If you are either a Primary Relationship Contact or an Authorized Profile Administrator, this area provides some or all of the following links:

  • A Worldwide enterprise contains at least one Country enterprise.
  • A Country enterprise contains at least one location.
  • A Location contains at least one employee - Please note that your personal profiles are listed on this area of the page.

Create a profile/associate to an existing profile:

This area provides you links to:

  • Apply to join the PartnerWorld Program - as a new Business Partner, once you apply to and register on PartnerWorld Web site, you gain access to the PartnerWorld entitled Web site and PPS. With this link, you then begin the procedure of joining the program by creating a Worldwide enterprise profile.
  • Add yourself to a Location Profile - this function allows an employee to add themselves to a location profile using a unique company token provided by the Primary Relationship Contact or Authorized Profile Administrator.