Overview - Certification compliance reports

Certification compliance has three reports available to help you manage certification contract compliance:

1. Assign employees to contracts

The Assign employees to contracts report enables the Primary Relationship Contact (PRC) or Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) to assign employees and their certifications to a contract. It shows each employee, where they are assigned and allows updates to the employee's role. (In Asia Pacific and Europe, it is not necessary to assign employees to a contract - for contract compliance; all employees are counted toward all contracts. However, you will need to designate employees as either sales or technical.)

Only employees reported at locations with assigned contracts are displayed in this section. If a certified employee (or any employee) is not shown on the screen, the employee's contract compliance role (sales/technical) should be updated via the employee profile.

2. Contract compliance by product

Contract compliance by product gives you the compliance status by contract. Each product under that contractual IBM relationship can be reviewed in depth to help the PRC/APA understand the certifications and employees who support that contract. When a Business Partner holds more than one contractual IBM relationship, the contract compliance report will only show those products that are authorized for the specific contract. You should check all of the contract compliance reports to ensure they meet the contractual requirements for all authorized products. (Business Partners in Europe should check their contractual agreements to verify that they meet the contractual requirements for the product sub-categories for which they are authorized, e.g., System p low-end, System i high-end.)

3. Value added enhancement (VAE) certification status

The Value added enhancement (VAE) certification status report allows you to view the authorized VAEs and employee certifications that support and authorize the VAE in spreadsheet format. (Please note, this option is not displayed for AP or Business Partners in Europe.)


Assign employees to contracts

To assign employees to contracts:

  1. Select the Assign employees to contracts link.
  2. Use the checkboxes and radio buttons to assign candidates to their contractual IBM relationship. There are three logical groupings:
    • Employees who are currently assigned to the selected agreement/relationship have the boxes checked. If there are no checked boxes, no employees are currently assigned to the agreement.
    • Employees assigned to other agreements/relationships are listed next.
    • Employees not assigned to any agreement or relationships are listed last. To move an employee to the current agreement/relationship, simply check the box. If you want to remove an employee from the current agreement/relationship, remove the check from the box.
  3. Click Save.
  4. You are taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number. Please retain the confirmation number for all future inquiries on the transaction.

View contract compliance by product

To view your compliances by product:

  1. Select the Compliance status by product link.
  2. The list of compliance contracts will be visible in this screen. You are able to view all contracts by product in the certification compliance report summary table.

View value added enhancement (VAE) certification

To view Value added enhancement (VAE) certification:

  1. Select the VAE link.
  2. An Excel spreadsheet will be visible in this screen. You are able to view the employee, VAE compliance, certification, date awarded, date reported, location, city state/province, VAE name and product group. (Please note, this option is not displayed for Business Partners in Asia Pacific or Europe.)