Pending PartnerWorld agreements


The Pending agreements page provides the ability for the Primary Relationship Contact or the Authorized Profile Administrator to look for agreements awaiting signature. Typically, the company has met the criteria to qualify for an additional benefit and once the agreement is signed, the benefit will be activated for the company's profile. The list of potential agreement categories that could appear in the pending agreement page are:

  • General PartnerWorld Agreements
  • IBM Business Partner Agreements (Products and Services marketing authorization)


  1. To view/edit pending agreements, select the Pending agreements link.
  2. Open the pending agreement that you want to review and approve.
  3. Select I agree to accept the agreement.
  4. Select Save. You are taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number. Please retain the confirmation number for all future inquiries on the transaction.

RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Web technology allows users to keep up with frequently updated Web content. Business Partners can now subscribe to RSS feeds from PPS for items that will require their regular attention without logging in to PPS. To subscribe to the RSS feed:

  1. Log in to the PartnerWorld Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the RSS feed section.
  3. Click Partner Pending actions feed.

Note: To use RSS feeds, you must install Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or Mozilla Firefox Internet browser on your system.

After the subscription is processed, you receive notification in any worldwide Web (www) site (no firewall) that pending agreements and pending self-associations are in PPS. When you select a pending action that requires attention, you must enter your Web Identity ID and password to complete the action.

Applying for a Business Partner Relationship agreement

How to apply

This page shows you how to apply for a Business Partner Relationship agreement. Business Partners in Blue Harmony deployed countries apply for hardware and services and some Distributed Software (DSW) relationship agreements in PPS.


  1. Log into PartnerWorld:
  2. Select Join PartnerWorld.
  3. To begin the Relationship Agreement process, click Apply to sell IBM products and services (optional).
  4. On the Apply to sell IBM products and services page, step through each tab and make the appropriate selections: Overview tab, Relationship types tab, By product family tab, Criteria tab.
  5. On the Relationship types tab, select the desired relationship type.
  6. Click the Apply and select... link for your relationship type.
  7. On the main PPS page, in the left navigator, select Relationship management.
  8. Select Relationship agreements.
  9. Review your Locations, Employees and Certifications.
  10. Add any missing locations, employees or candidate ids before beginning the Relationship Agreement Application.
  11. Complete the Company Details section of the application.
  12. Select Apply for a Relationship.
  13. Select the Signing Location and Shipping Location, if required.
  14. Assign the Key Contacts to Agreement Roles.
  15. Select the Products and Sub-Products.
  16. Complete the Additional Documentation for the application.
  17. When your application is complete, select Save to submit it.