The Location profile page contains summary and address information about a specific location. There are a number of links on this page that allow you to add an employee to a location, view general information on a location, list employees at the location, review Verified Business Partner Solutions (previously known as customer experiences), view profile access for employees at the location and view skill summaries by employee at the location.

Primary Relationship Contacts (PRCs) and Authorized Profile Administrators (APAs) can manage and update location information and information for any employee profiled at that location.


The Location menu in the left navigator contains the following selections:

  • Add location enterprise: Enables you to add a location enterprise
  • Reports: Enables you to generate the following three reports:
    • Hierarchy
    • Employee
    • Skills

In the center pane, click the Select radio button for the location enterprise you would like to work with.

The Action menu enables you to view or update the following information for the selected location:

  • People assigned for each role
  • General information
  • Location list of employees
  • Manage employee(s)
  • Sales data and BPDB ids
  • Skill summary by person for this location

To make a selection on the Action menu, click the Actions field arrow, click your selection, and click the forward arrow.

In addition, there is another option in the center pane of the Location screen. This is:

  • Add Company (Country enterprise)