Add yourself to a location profile allows employees to add themselves to a location profile using the company token provided by the Primary Relationship Contact (PRC) or the Authorized Profile Administrator (APA).

The company token is used to uniquely identify a Country enterprise. The PRC/APA can find the company token in the General information section of the Country enterprise (see link below).

Once you have added your profile via this self-association process, your APA will need to approve your profile (or opt to have profiles auto-approved). Then your profile will be activated and you will receive a confirming welcome email.

Note: If a profile has not been changed over the last nine months, the background will display in blue. To avoid the blue screen validate your profile, even if all the data is correct, at the country enterprise, location, or employee level.


To add yourself as a new employee using the self association function:

  1. Go to PartnerWorld profile main page.
  2. Select Add yourself to a location profile from under the Quick task links heading.
  3. Enter your company token (which has been provided to you by your PRC/APA).
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select the appropriate location link provided under the Name column in the Company locations table.
  6. Enter the required information as prompted on the new screen.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. You are taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number.
  9. Please retain the confirmation number for all future inquiries on the transaction.


  • Company token provided by your company's PRC/APA.
  • Provide your country of residence.
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Language preference for receiving emails.
  • Job function (you may have more than one job function).