A country enterprise has one or more locations within a country and one location is the headquarters location. Add a Country enterprise within the PartnerWorld Profiling System is where you can add a new country enterprise record to your existing worldwide enterprise profile.

Note that a new country enterprise should only be created when adding a new record for an existing company in a different country. Add a location should be used if adding a new record for an existing company within the same country.

Please note, only the Primary Relationship Contact or the Authorized Profile Administrator at the worldwide headquarters location can add a country enterprise.


Add a new country enterprise

  1. In the left navigator, select Country enterprise.
  2. Select the Worldwide enterprise.
  3. Select the link Add a country enterprise.
  4. Select your company's country of residence.
  5. Click I Agree.
  6. Enter the required information as prompted on the new screen including, the company's name and information on publishing the information in Business Partner directories.
  7. Select the Next button on each page after filling in required information.
  8. Once on the final page, click Save to complete the creation of a new country enterprise.
  9. You are taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number.
  10. Please retain the confirmation number for all future inquiries on the transaction.


After the PartnerWorld application is approved and the Country Enterprise profile is created, the Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) can manually set the automatic accept self-associations default in the Partner Profile. To set this default:

  1. On the Country enterprise screen, select the Worldwide enterprise.
  2. Select the Country enterprise.
  3. Click Actions – General information.
  4. Click the forward arrow.
  5. Click the list arrow in the Automatic accept contacts who self-associate with this company field.
  6. Select Yes from the list.

The APA will receive notification under actions requiring attention on the PartnerWorld profile page, once the self-association is completed by the employee at the location. The default is no associations until the Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) changes it to automatic accept self-associations.

Existing Business Partners already with a profile in PPS will automatically be able to view their details upon entering PPS.


The mandatory fields in completing the Add a company page are:

  • Company full legal name
  • Company URL (enter none if no URL) (please note that this must be formatted as a full name, including the prefix http://)
  • Owner / CEO
  • CFO
  • Business model (1)
  • Business model products
  • Published information to other Business Partners (Yes or No)
  • Publish information to customers (Yes or No)
  • Type of industry
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • State / Province
  • Zip / Postal code
  • Telephone area code
  • Telephone number
  • Employee country of residence
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Language of entry
  • Job function
  • Email address
  • Preferred language of employee's country of residence

(1) Business model identifies the primary business that describes how the company operates. If more than one business model applies, multiple types can be selected. In addition, you will be asked to select at least one business model brand. This information is important, since it will be used on the PartnerWorld Web site when you sign in to display the PartnerWorld offerings most relevant to your business model(s).