Skills requirements at a glance

- For select IBM products, Business Partners are required to meet skills criteria in order to obtain resell authorization, earn select incentives or achieve Competency status.

- Skills are typically categorized as sales and technical.

- Skills are validated by completion of an exam(s). You will find the enablement materials and more information at the detailed online page for each exam.

Find qualifying skills for your product

See available skills that will help you meet the criteria for resell authorization, earning incentives or achieving Competency status.

Skills Zones

What are Skills Zones?

Skill Zones enable international BPs associated under the same WW Enterprise ID (WWE ID) in IBM Partner Profiling System PPS to share skills achieved in one country towards achievement of skills requirement in another country within the same country grouping (Skill zone).

Make use of Skills Zones

Contact IBM PWCS to request the link to WWE ID and provide:

- full Company Name(s) and CE IDs that are to be linked under the WWE ID.

- an indication of which company name and CE ID corresponds to the Headquarters and 

- a confirmation that one of the companies being associated owns at least 50% of the other companies being associated and relevant documentary evidence.

Register your skills

 The Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) at each Business Partner is responsible for reporting certification achievement on behalf of company employees into the IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS). Please use the Skills update guide below to review simple instructions and terms around employee movement.