e-config 2021 Third Quarter end support is from September 15th through 30th.

The e-config team is offering additional support for Quarter End Deals ONLY – All other requests will be handled via the normal support channels.

When is support offered?

The e-config team will provide 24x5 weekday support from September 15th 9:00 AM EDT through September 30th midnight EDT for the third quarter-end deals to better assist you. 

The weekly coverage schedule is Sundays,  at 8 pm EDT through Friday at midnight EDT. 

Who is the support offered for?

This support is for Sev 1 defects, critical requests, and escalation via dedicated Slack Channel.  e-config on Cloud is supporting all brands.

What should I expect?

Acknowledgement to user within 2 hours of the problem being reported via dedicated slack channel.

As a Business Partner, how do I engage the e-config team?

  • TPAs can raise their Business Partners item via Slack channel

Via Techline

  • Submit your Techline request
  • Escalate your Techline request by putting the TSAS-XXXX number in the subject line of the email and send to tlfollow@in.ibm.com
  • Techline will contact the e-config team via Slack if Techline cannot address the request.

Open office

  • Join the Open Office sessions for general questions, or problems that do not require immediate attention

As an IBMer, how do I engage the e-config team?

Slack channel #econfig-quarterclose-support (shared across all IBM workspaces) which will be monitored for:

  • Critical problems that need immediate attention for quarter-end deals only.
  • In the case you have a  ticket that requires special attention due to business criticality/impact, indicate it in your message.

Via Techline

  • Submit your Techline request
  • Escalate your Techline request by putting the TSAS-XXXX number in the subject line of the email and send to  tlfollow@in.ibm.com
  • Techline will contact the e-config team via Slack if they cannot address the request

What if the problem is not impacting a quarter end deal?

Open a Ticket in e-config on Cloud.  See the e-config Help and Support for more information.

To raise an issue in e-config on Cloud:

  1. With e-config open, click Ticket on the lower right side of the e-config page.
  2. Complete the form and attach any additional files that will help to identify the issue.
  3. Click Create Ticket to submit.

11 tips to get the best out of e-config on Cloud

e-config on Cloud team has worked on a collection of tips in order to help you get the best out of the application.

Work in collaboration

You are able to invite collaborators to each folder you create. This functionality allows you to share a folder with those working along the same deal.

Triangle with exclamation in the middle

No surprises

timeout popup warns when your login is about to expire. Know that the application gives you the ability to reset the timer. This way you have more time to work on your configurations when you need. Also, the standard session duration is 60-minute long.

Subscribe for updates

We are always sharing updates and tips. To make sure you stay up to date and benefit from all features and improvements, subscribe to our e-mails. To do so, access "User Preferences" on the top right menu, go to "E-mail subscription" and enable the button.

Quick and easy support

You can get the assistance you need at any step of the e-config on Cloud journey. In all screens of the application, there is a Ticket blue tab on the bottom right. It is a way for you to quickly ask for support by reporting the issue, attaching images and opening a ticket.

Direct launch for BPs

Business Partners no longer need to launch e-config on Cloud from their partner portals like PartnerWorld but can directly use the e-config on Cloud page and login using the IBMid.

Multisession support

It is possible to work on multiple configuration sessions at the same time and not interacting with each other.

Provide feedback

 You are able to provide feedback to e-config on Cloud team at any screen of the application quickly and easily.

Setting up quantities properly

Understand how the quantity spinners work to add or remove items from your configuration to make the better use of it.

Reduce scrolling

A browser capability tip is to use the zoom out function to allow more content lines on screen and improve some pages usage.

Search functionality

As some pages on e-config on Cloud  may have long lists of information, you may count on the browser search functionality to assist you. 

See more on the main page

Check a combination of application and browser settings to allow you see more information right at the beginning. 

IBM Z model in e-config Classic sunset

On July 2, 2021, the IBM Z model in e-config Classic was sunset.  From now on, you must use e-config on Cloud to send configurations to manufacturing and order for IBM Z. 

e-config on Cloud allows you to use a web browser running on all platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and it doesn’t require a Windows workstation or a Windows Virtual Machine with Java. There is also no need for frequent updates of IBM Systems models or prices.

If education is needed, make sure to check out the e-config on Cloud Course for IBM Z Users and subscribe to the Weekly Open Office Sessions.

e-config Classic sunset announcement

The following brand models will no longer be available in e-config Classic per these dates:

IBM Storage   August 1, 2020

IBM Power Systems  February 13, 2021

IBM Z  July 2, 2021

On the specified brand sunset date

  • The subject model will no longer be available to select within e-config Classic or update via e-padm.
  • Defects for the subject model on the e-config classic can no longer be reported. Please report problems through e-config on Cloud via Ticket button.
  • Price updates will no longer be available to download in e-padm.
  • All subscribed/registered subject model users will no longer receive e-config Classic notifications.


Configuration files created in e-config Classic application

The e-config on Cloud can restore any configuration file created from e-config Classic. The e-config "portfolios" are not supported on e-config on Cloud but there is a utility available that can extract .cfr files from a portfolio for use in e-config on Cloud (see Help tab or direct link below). 

List Price Search functionality in the e-config Classic application

For those that use the List Price Search functionality, a new application called Global Product Catalog is now available for use.

Are you using e-config on Cloud?

All users are encouraged to access and use e-config on Cloud as soon as possible.

Education for e-config on Cloud

Not familiar with e-config on Cloud? Education is available to help you.

IBM support resources

You should continue to use standard IBM support resources such as IBM Techline or Top Gun processes just like you have in the past. 

Help in the e-config on Cloud 

Additionally, there is a Help tab in the e-config on Cloud application where you can view additional topics, usage tips, and see more support resources. This includes information on how to get support and report problems with e-config on Cloud.

Removing e-config Classic

While users are not required to remove the e-config Classic application from their workstation immediately, it's advised that it be removed in the future. Instructions on how to remove can be found at the link below.