Sunset of e-config Classic for IBM Z is July 2, 2021

As previously announced, the e-config on Cloud application is fully available and supports ordering as well as outputs that can be used for pricing in e-Pricer and the brand pricing tools.  

e-config on Cloud must now be your configurator for IBM Z configurations.  e-config Classic should only be used if the configuration cannot be completed in e-config Cloud.  Please contact us if you encounter any issues completing a configuration in e-config on Cloud.

The sunset of e-config Classic for IBM Z is July 2.  There is limited on-going support for e-config Classic and we are highly encouraging everyone to be 100% on e-config on Cloud now.

If education is needed, make sure to check out the e-config on Cloud Course for IBM Z Users and subscribe to the Weekly Open Office Sessions.

End user support for Second Quarter 2021

e-config 2021 Second quarter end support model dates: June 14th - 30th.  Support for quarter end deals only.  All other requests will be handled via the normal support channels.

Support Coverage Time

24 hour weekday coverage for Sev 1 defects, critical requests and escalations via dedicated slack channel.

Week coverage begins on Sunday at 8pm EDT through Friday midnight EDT.

Acknowledgement to users within 2 hours of the problem being reported via dedicated slack channel.

Business Partners

How to engage:

  • TPAs can raise their Business Partners’ item via Slack channel
  • Join the Open Office Sessions for general questions, or problems that don't require immediate attention

Via Techline

  • Submit your Techline request
  • Escalate your Techline request by putting the TSAS-XXXX number in the subject line of the email and send to
  • Techline will contact the e-config team via Slack if Techline cannot address the request.


How to engage:

Slack channel #econfig-quarterclose-support (shared across all IBM workspaces) which will be monitored for:

  • Critical problems that need immediate attention for quarter-end deals only.
  • In case you have a ticket that requires special attention due to business criticality/impact, indicate it in your message.

Via Techline 

  • Submit your Techline request
  • Escalate your Techline request by putting the TSAS-XXXX number in the subject line of the email and send to
  • Techline will contact the e-config team via Slack if they cannot address the request

Support available for Power users

How to get help with e-config on Cloud

Standard support

Report a problem by clicking Support in the top right bar of e-config on Cloud.

Hypercare support for Power users

  • February 15, 2021 - March 12, 2021
  • Weekday coverage (24x5)


  • Dedicated Slack channel for support

Hypercare support for Business Partners

Business Partners

Techline and PTAs will engage e-config team via the Slack channel

If support directed through Techline:

  • Submit Techline request
  • Send email with subject "POWER and TSAS-XXXX number" generated per the request

e-config Classic sunset announcement

The IBM e-config development team has formally begun the process to sunset elements of the e-config Classic application and fully transition to e-config on Cloud.

The following brand models will no longer be available in e-config Classic per these dates:

IBM Storage   August 1, 2020

IBM Power Systems  February 13, 2021

IBM Z  July 2, 2021

On the specified brand sunset date

  • The subject model will no longer be available to select within e-config Classic or update via e-padm.
  • Defects for the subject model on the e-config classic can no longer be reported. Please report problems through e-config on Cloud (via Help tab > Contact us).
  • Price updates will no longer be available to download in e-padm.
  • All subscribed/registered subject model users will no longer receive e-config Classic notifications.


Configuration files created in e-config Classic application

The e-config on Cloud can restore any configuration file created from e-config Classic. The e-config "portfolios" are not supported on e-config on Cloud but there is a utility available that can extract .cfr files from a portfolio for use in e-config on Cloud (see Help tab or direct link below). 

List Price Search functionality in the e-config Classic application

For those that use the List Price Search functionality, a new application called Global Product Catalog is now available for use.

Are you using e-config on Cloud?

All users are encouraged to access and use e-config on Cloud as soon as possible.

Education for e-config on Cloud

Not familiar with e-config on Cloud? Education is available to help you.

IBM support resources

You should continue to use standard IBM support resources such as IBM Techline or Top Gun processes just like you have in the past. 

Help in the e-config on Cloud 

Additionally, there is a Help tab in the e-config on Cloud application where you can view additional topics, usage tips, and see more support resources. This includes information on how to get support and report problems with e-config on Cloud.

Removing e-config Classic

While users are not required to remove the e-config Classic application from their workstation immediately, it's advised that it be removed in the future. Instructions on how to remove can be found at the link below.

Fix for errors received with cfrwin32.dll and ismnls.dll when using e-config classic

A recent Microsoft KB update has caused portions of e-config Classic to show errors such as, but not limited to:

  • Could not load cfrwin32.dll
  • Error 0: Source::genCFR
  • Error 48: File not found: cfrwin32.dll
  • Bad Image c:\econfig\cfgviews\ismnls.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

The problem you are seeing is due to a recent Microsoft update. We now have a fix for the e-config Classic sev 1 issue which was caused by the Microsoft KB4592438. 

In order to not disrupt quarter end orders by having an application update this late in the cycle, we are asking that you replace one file that is having a conflict with this new KB install. 

  1. Download the file using the button below
  2. Close e-config
  3. Rename the file c:\econfig\cfgviews\ismnls.dll to ismnls.old
  4. Extract the ismnls.dll file in the downloaded zip file and place in c:\econfig\cfgviews
  5. Launch e-config

You should no longer see the errors and e-config should work as expected.

If you continue to experience problem, please contact the help desk.

How to resolve "Administrator privileges required" error when trying to install with Firefox

Firefox has made a recent change where even if the browser is launched with administrator privileges, the java .jnlp file no longer is launched with the necessary authority needed to run e-padm resulting in the error "You need administrator permissions to run this application.  For more information, please refer to the "Known Problem" page."

To work around this problem, it will be necessary to use Chrome or Internet Explorer to launch e-padm.  Before using Chrome or Internet Explorer to install, be sure to close all open sessions of the browser you choose.  If you do not perform this step, the tab opened will not have the authority needed to run e-padm.

  • Right click on the browser and select Run as administrator.
  • Go to your normal installation portal to install e-config.

Alternatively, you can also download the run_epadm program that will launch your browser with the necessary authority.  This utility will find the supported browsers installed and launch the selected browser with the authority needed.

If you select Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, you need to open the .jnlp file from within Chrome. Do not download it to your machine and launch from your downloads folder.  For more details using Chrome to install e-config and using run_epadm, see the link information below.

e-config on Cloud is available

e-config on Cloud is available to all Power, Storage and IBM Z users!

The e-config team is happy to announce that the e-config Cloud application is now available to all Power, Storage and IBM Z users. Once authenticated, you'll be shown the e-config Cloud launch page where you can access the e-config cloud functionality.

e-config Flash communications

Read recent communication messages sent out to registered e-config Classic users.

See current and previous Flash notifications

Follow the link below to see all e-config Flash notifications since October 2019.