e-config on Cloud open office

The e-config team will be hosting more virtual "Open Office" sessions.

At these sessions, you'll get information on the latest application updates and have a chance to ask questions about e-config on Cloud. 

See the link below for session details.

Did you miss the live training sessions? Recordings are now available for all sessions held.

Event information

The e-config team will be hosting virtual training sessions for users new to e-config on Cloud.  

We will cover key items discussed from the Introduction to e-config on Cloud and Upgrade/MES sessions.  There will be a Q&A session during the second half of the training.

Event details 

Duration: 1 hour (each session)

Visit the links below for session information and recordings.

e-config on Cloud Power model hands-on live sessions with Q&A

Virtual training for Power users moving from e-config Classic to e-config on Cloud. No registration required.

The e-config team will be hosting virtual training sessions for users new to e-config on Cloud.  

Introduction to e-config on Cloud with Q&A

Topics include:

  • Getting started with e-config on Cloud
  • Where do I find education?
  • Where do I get help?
  • Create initial order configuration
  • Autosave configuration  - what is it  - how is it used  - cleared periodically
  • Priced output
  • Exporting files
  • Restore initial order from CFR
  • Saving to repository
  • Multiple sessions
  • Q&A

Recordings available!

Upgrade/MES with Q&A for e-config on Cloud

Topics include:

  • Retrieving inventory  - Quick Retrieval  - Full Inventory Services
  • Base Edit
  • MES/Upgrade
  • Fast Path
  • Manage repository  - Share  - Restore  - View  - Folders  - Copy / move / rename
  • Q&A

Recordings available!

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e-config on Cloud provides the capabilities of e-config in a web browser environment. It's important to IBM's CIO strategy to deliver tools that work on multiple platforms and integrate for use by IBM/Business Partner sales and technical personnel.

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