Direct reseller for IBM State Contracts (DRISC) enables IBM Business Partners (BPs) to remarket, earning margin and incentives for IBM products and services via an IBM State and Local Government contracts.

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Read about IBM's State and Local Government (SLED) contracts and the Business Partner programs that enable a Business Partner to participate on those contracts by opening the file below.


Contracts approved for use with DRISC program

Open the PDF below to find a list of the State & Local contracts currently approved for use with the DRISC program, followed by 1 page summaries of each.



Customer facing web pages for State & Local Government Contracts

Click on the link below to get to IBM's Federal & State Contracts portal. Select the state from the drop down to find contracts available in that state. Contracts approved for DRISC use a standard format that includes a list of the officially approved Business Partners, quote/ordering instructions, product/price files, and copies of the signed contracts. Note: these pages are all public, and are frequently referenced by end users.

Additional State Requirements

Some States have additional requirements before a Business Partner may be approved. All such requirements are to be submitted with the application, along with the Certificate of Insurance.  Note: No one is to approach individual states to ask questions about the requirements (Ask the DRISC team) or to submit their requirements to the State. Only IBM may submit the Business Partner documentation.


Business Partners must have active BP agreement(s) in place before applying for DRISC. Business Partners will need separate agreements for Hardware and Software (new license). Business Partners must use the IBM State Contracts Listing to find the State Contracts approved into the DRISC program. Business Partners must complete all required fields and include the Certificate of Insurance plus the State's required information with the application. 


Short, basic information training slides for major steps of the DRISC process. Business Partners are still required to read and know the information, including cautions, in the DRISC Operations Guide.

DRISC Operations Guide and Supporting Documents

The DRISC Operations Guide details each step of DRISC processes from application to audits. The Letter of Acceptance form is required to shorten the contract acceptance period for hardware sales.