Earn incentives, grow your profit, enjoy benefits

IBM incentives and promotions reward you for the value you bring to different stages of the sales cycle, from opportunity identification to closing the deal. The structure is transparent, giving you clear line of sight and predictability of the funds you earn.

There is a growth path — your margins get higher as our businesses grow closer together. We will increase the reward for your expertise in IBM technology and solutions, investment in IBM skills and customer coverage.


Take a look at the core incentives per brand below. Full list of all incentives and promotions is published on the Incentives and Promotions page.

Systems Hardware

Register in Partner Growth Incentive program (PGI) to start earning Hardware incentives for reselling.

Achieve your PGI targets and progress to IBM Competency levels (Specialist or Expert) to earn more rewards!

Software, Appliances and Cloud Services

Channel Value Rewards - Solution:

Earn recognition and rewards for selling approved value-add solutions and reselling IBM software as an integrated offering.

Channel Value Rewards - Software New Client:

Earn more when you identify a new customer or reactivate a customer and fulfill the opportunity.

Channel Value Rewards - Software Sales / Sales Assist:

Earn rewards for the opportunities you generate and the value you bring through different stages in the sales cycle.

Channel Value Rewards - Renewals Management:

Earn rewards for fulfillment of Subscription & Support (S&S) On-Time renewals.


Remarketer Margin Enhancer

The Remarketer Margin Enhancer Growth Incentive is designed to reward Business Partners achieving year-to-year growth through the reselling of IBM Services: security services, mobility services, cloud managed services, resiliency services, networking services, or systems services. This incentive provides Business Partners the opportunity to receive an enhancement to their margin based on their revenue growth above a predefined percentage.

Consumption Program for New Market Players

The Consumption Program is a one-to-one match co-investment program designed primarily for MSPs, CSPs, ISVs, or any non-traditional Business Partner who considers themselves a Services Solution Integrator and has signed a Services Solution Integrator Business Partner Agreement. The co-investment program is aimed at new market players that drive annuity business through XaaS solution sales while consuming IBM managed services: security services, mobility services, cloud managed services, resiliency services, networking services, or systems services.

PartnerWorld Benefits

IBM offers rich and flexible portfolio of benefits that will help you accelerate your business growth.

You can access a wide range of benefits from the moment you accept the IBM PartnerWorld Agreement, education, technology resources, and sales and marketing support will be available to you right away. And the rewards increase as you progress through the relationship with IBM, demonstrated by higher sales success, stronger capabilities and references from satisfied customers.