Apply for resell authorization

Becoming an authorized Reseller is a simple three-step process.

You can complete all steps at once or you can break it into separate actions and pick up where you finished later.

Apply for resell authorization

Step 1: Sign up for an IBM ID

Create your personal IBM ID that gives you access to PartnerWorld information.

Step 2: Register your company

Create a profile for your company and accept the IBM PartnerWorld Agreement. 
The individual registering your company must be authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the legal company.

Step 3: Apply for authorization to resell

Make sure you are listed as an Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) defined in your HQ location. 
Click on “Relationship Management” -> “Apply and Manage Relationships” and complete the application form.

Here are some useful resources to help you complete the application:

Determine what business model suits your company. See the different IBM Business Partner types (PDF, 28 KB).

Select products your company intends to remarket, and study the exhibits for product details and certification requirements.

IBM operates a 2-tier distribution model for Power, Storage and Software/Xaas products, which means you will order these from your selected IBM Distributors. Find an IBM Distributor in your country with IBM BP Locator.

Have a peek at the IBM Business Partner Agreement templates.

See the list of documentation (PDF, 506 KB) you will be requested to provide with your application.

For assistance, please refer to the step by step user guide (PDF, 3.74 MB) or contact PartnerWorld Contact Services.