Expand your capabilities now

In recognition of your skills across the portfolios, IBM PartnerWorld will accept Advanced and Premier Level Red Hat Accreditations in lieu of a competency to meet PartnerWorld program requirements. This additional skills recognition will provide you with an opportunity to increase program levels and gain access to greater benefits in the PartnerWorld program.

Applying credits

The following Red Hat Partner Level Accreditations will meet the skills requirements for an authorization to resell.

Red Hat Accredited Datacenter Infrastructure Partner:

Includes all Red Hat platform, migration, virtualization, and storage solutions.

Red Hat Accredited Middleware Solutions Partner:

Covers the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio for use in building and integrating applications, as well as automating business processes.

Red Hat Accredited Cloud Infrastructure Partner:

Requires virtualization as a prerequisite and will include the newest Red Hat product offerings supporting cloud infrastructure and management.

How Accreditation works

Red Hat Advanced Partner Level Accreditations 

will have the same status in the IBM PartnerWorld program as a Specialist competency.

Red Hat Premier Partner Level Accreditations

will have the same status in the IBM PartnerWorld program as an Expert competency.

Benefits availability

Getting started

Request your Red Hat accreditations:

Current PartnerWorld Partners:

The approved accreditations will be applied to your profile in the PartnerWorld Profile System (PPS).

  1. Complete the following form to request acceptance of your Red Hat Accreditations.
    IBM and RedHat accreditation form
  2. You will receive an entitlement that must be accepted in order to receive recognition.
  3. Please allow two weeks for your profile to be updated and any status change, if warranted, to take effect.

Establish IBM PartnerWorld status:

Red Hat Business Partners interested in establishing status PartnerWorld need to complete the following steps

  1. Join IBM PartnerWorld
  2. Sign the IBM Business Partner Agreement.
  3. Complete the submission form to request acceptance of your Red Hat accreditations.

Benefits for our Partners

PartnerWorld offers a rich set of benefits to help you deliver greater client value.

Increased Benefits:

  • Education and training: Benefits that help you build skills and high-value client solution capabilities.
  • Marketing and selling: Benefits that help you promote and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  • Advocacy and support: Benefits that help you maximize your relationship with IBM and increase profitability.

Cloud credits are just one of the benefits of IBM PartnerWorld 


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