Multiple, tailored packages for the Cloud and Cognitive era

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For build and service partners that are just getting started with IBM Cloud and Cognitive offerings.

*Terms and Conditions apply


For build, service and sell partners that require learning, development, demo and test environments.


For build, service, and sell partners requiring more cloud credits and education benefits.


For partners who want access to the full suite to IBM Business Partner Benefits.

Scale your education and cloud credits with a Booster Pack

Add to any package as needed

Certification booster

10 Certification test vouchers

*Requires purchase of any IBM Partner Package to be eligible; no limit on quantity, per country level CEID.

Cloud credit booster

10,000 IBM Cloud Credits

*Requires purchase of Entry, Advanced or Premier Partner Package. Not for production use or billable hours; limit to 3 per CEID.

Enterprise Cloud credit booster

165,000 IBM Cloud Credits

*Requires purchase of Enterprise Package, no limit, global entitlement if associated with WW CEID.

Not for production use or billable hours.

Benefit details

Cloud Lite account

A great way to get started with IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Lite Account is the starting point to learn how to build and provide services on IBM Public Cloud. Get started without a credit card and start learning, build proof of concepts and demo with 256MB of free, instantaneous runtime memory per month. This account never times out and can be upgraded when needed to pay as you go or with the next package or booster purchase. 

IBM Education Reimbursement

Take education courses and get reimbursed for your costs.  Reimbursement levels vary by package, see above for limits, and below for more information about this benefit and how it work.

IBM Certification test vouchers

The easiest way to pay for certification tests, no receipts required. With your purchase of an Advanced, Premier or Enterprise Partner package, your company is entitled to certification test vouchers that cover 100% off the test fee of tests beginning with a ‘C’. Simply take your voucher with you when you take the test, no receipts or reimbursement required. Get your vouchers.

IBM Cloud Credits

Explore IBM Cloud technology and learn, build, test, and demo IBM Cloud expands infrastructure, applications and services for enterprises to create value faster and is the leading cognitive platform with solutions and toolsets customized by industry. Partners have access to more than 190 industry-leading Cloud services including Watson, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, advanced data analytics, and cyber security. Various amounts of credits are available based on the package you purchased, and boosters can be purchased as need to scale. 

IBM Demos

Reserve a VMWare image environment for IBM on-premises and SaaS software IBM Demos showcase the functionality of IBM on premises and SaaS software, and provides Hands on labs or virtual images of the product you can use for 7-10 days for proof of concept and pre-sale demos. 

Remote Development phase and Q/A tech

Pre-deployment remote technical assistance for IBM Business Partners as you port and develop applications or build solutions on IBM products you intend to bring to market. We are here to help you resolve problems on porting, PoC planning, design, installation, integration, product Q&A and more. Worldwide support available in English, Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm Eastern time, excluding US holidays. 

Software Access Catalog

Exclusive access to the 16,000 distributed software solutions

  • Use IBM distributed software to:
  • Develop commercial solutions to sell to end customers
  • Develop new versions of a solution after the initial product is released
  • Test solutions before they hit the marketplace
  • Train your employees and customers
  • Use for demonstration, evaluation and proof of concept for up to 90 days
  • Use what you sell to Run Your Business

Techline Pre-Sale support

Highly skilled IT specialists can help you sell IBM solutions. Engage us early in your sales cycle to increase your sales productivity. Techline provides IBM Software and IBM solutions sizing and advice on licensing for Passport Advantage. Techline also provides electronic support for Systems Hardware including ISV sizing, answers to questions about IBM offerings and configuration validation. 

Technical Expert Consult

Consult with IBM experts to get answers and advice to strengthen a solution design. Top technical and industry experts, such as IBM Distinguished Engineers and senior technical architects, are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work helping the Business Partners deliver high value, differentiated solutions. Consultation is provided in the following areas: IBM Cloud ™,IBM Watson®, IBM Analytics, IBM Watson IoT ™, IBM Security, IBM Blockchain, IBM Watson Customer Engagement.

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