About the program

Elevate your go to market strategy

  • Tap into IBM client team relationships, industry expertise and knowledge of IBM content to help grow your business
  • Create greater visibility and opportunity
  • Accelerate alignment of IBM client sellers with the growth opportunities offered by collaborating with partners

What is it?

When IBM Business Partners sell IBM Technology Offerings as part of their solution, service or application to IBM-covered clients, IBM can compensate its sales team to support your deal.

  • Effective July 1, 2021
  • Partner participation is optional

What are the benefits for you?

  • Creates opportunity and enhanced expanded field sales engagement (Sales & Technical)
  • Capitalizes on IBM's relationship with the client
  • Leverages IBM industry and technology expertise
  • Reduces channel conflict

Who can participate?


  • Partners that hold title of IBM Technology Offering(s) and create embedded/integrated solutions/services leveraging the IBM Technology Offering(s) that they sell into IBM client accounts*
  • Achieve a minimum clip level per sales order**
  • Complete the IBM global compliance questionnaire and business integrity training
  • Agree to simple quarterly reporting of end client information (“sales out”) through the online portal

* Specific eligibility and vetting requirements for partner participants 

** Per sales order clip level of USD 50,000 SW/HW transactional, USD 20,000 XaaS 

How to get started