Catalyzing Partner Growth

PartnerWorld at Think recap from IBM Partner Ecosystem executives, partners and analysts on our shared ecosystem values.

Program benefits

Get access to benefits designed to help you expand, scale and grow your business—here are just a few.

Education and training

Build sales, marketing, and technical capabilities with Skills Gateway and IBM Value Package.

Marketing support

Access ready-to-use campaigns or apply for funding to launch demand generation campaigns.

Connect with peers

Connect with other Business Partners who have specialized expertise or solutions your business needs.

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Are you new to IBM PartnerWorld?

  1. Make sure the person applying can sign legal agreements for the company.
  2. Sign in to IBM, or create an IBM ID.
  3. Complete the PartnerWorld application and accept IBM PartnerWorld Agreement terms.

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Choose the relationship that’s right for you

Whether large or small, a traditional reseller or born-in-the-cloud, there are multiple ways to successfully partner.

Do you resell?

Become a reseller to provide Next Gen solutions to your customers supported by IBM expertise.

Do you develop or implement solutions?

Get access to IBM hardware, software, and services to embed into your own intellectual property (IP).

Build tomorrow—together

"In the beginning of 2017, we didn’t have clients using Watson. At the end of that year, [most] of our clients were Watson clients, and now we only have Watson clients. So, it was an amazing journey that we [completed] with the help of IBM." 

⁠— Roberto Francisco, CEO for Kukac

See how IBM Business Partner Kukac built momentum and future-proofed its business.