Value Package in 2H 2020

With the announcement of IBM Partner Packages in May 2020, the Value Package is no longer available for purchase.  Your current subscription still applies; see details below.

2020 year-end deadline: selected benefits, e .g., IBM Cloud Credits, end at year-end for active Value Package subscribers.  See details below to take any appropriate action prior to year-end.  


What replaces the Value Package? 

Explore the PartnerWorld Partner Packages for the benefits that make a difference for your skills, technical support, and IBM Cloud technology exploration. 

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What changes?

If you purchased Value Package in 2019:

There’s no change to your subscription – benefits continue throughout your 12 month subscription period.

If you purchased Value Package in 2020:

Some benefits will expire on December 31, so plan now to use them before the deadline.  See details below.

Benefit details

Selected benefits expire  year-end 2020.

You Pass, We Pay

Get 100% reimbursement up to $75k for attending optional education courses and earning IBM credentials. Achieve higher levels in the PartnerWorld program, gain competencies and showcase your skills. Benefits vary by Business Partner level.

Expires December 31, 2020

IBM Cloud Credits - 2X accelerator

Elevate business performance with the power of IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud credits enable Business Partners to use, learn and build IBM Cloud infrastructure and platform skills and solutions. Access to over 190 industry-leading Cloud services including Watson, AI, Blockchain, advanced data analytics and cyber security. PartnerWorld members with a Value Package subscription are eligible for 2X as many IBM Cloud credits than non-subscribing members. 

Must request credits by December 31, 2020.  

PartnerWorld Event Voucher

Get access to IBM’s largest partner events.   The Value Package,  entitles your firm to (1) event  voucher good for 50% off the published registration fee on select IBM events as published at the PartnerWorld Program vouchers website. This voucher is in addition to the voucher(s) for Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership levels.  

Expires December 31, 2020

Sales Mastery test vouchers

Train up and take action. Take IBM Sales Mastery Tests at no cost. Simply request a voucher — and receive a code to take the test at no cost. It's a fast, cost-effective path to showcasing your growing knowledge.

Expires December 31, 2020

Unlimited technical sales support

Empower your sales teams to close more opportunities with unlimited guidance from IBM's technical sales support team. Real-time skills transfer maximizes team effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Access Techline for advice on IBM software, solution sizing and licensing.

Software Access Catalog

Grow your business with IBM’s extensive portfolio of technology, the Software Access Catalog. Download over 16,000 eAssemblies for demonstration, evaluation, development and testing of commercial solutions, proof of concept, education, training and limited internal Run Your Business use in accordance with the Value Package terms and conditions.

Unlimited remote technical support

Get project-first guidance and technical support from IBM experts during solution development and resolve problems through live video conferences on Webex. Access unlimited remote tech support for troubleshooting before you deploy a commercial solution.

Saas products

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or System Integrators (SI) whose core business is solely the delivery of commercially available applications for end users in the marketplace, either as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or as a combination SaaS and on-premises delivery, may also use the Programs for internal education, training, sales demonstration, and development and testing of their commercially available solutions.

Reach new levels. Get paid back.

Registered Benefits

Up to USD $6,000 in credentials reimbursement

6 Sales Mastery Test vouchers

Up to USD $3,000 in IBM Cloud credits

Silver Benefits

Up to USD $15,000 in credentials reimbursement (USD $6,000 per individual)

12 Sales Mastery Test vouchers

Up to USD $6,000 in IBM Cloud credits

Gold Benefits

Up to USD $50,000 in credentials reimbursement (USD $6,000 per individual)

20 Sales Mastery Test vouchers

Up to USD $9,000 in IBM Cloud credits

Platinum Benefits

Up to USD $75,000 in credentials reimbursement (USD $6,000 per individual)

40 Sales Mastery Test vouchers

Up to USD $12,000 in IBM Cloud credits

Explore Partner Packages

Partner Packages were introduced in May 2020 and replace the Value Package.  4 Partner Package are available, tiered with increasing benefits for skills, enablement and technical support. 


Take a look at all the benefits included in each package and select the one that fits your firm's needs.