Progress to the IBM Reseller relationship

Here is basic comparison of the IBM Reseller and Express Start relationships

IBM Reseller relationship

Availability: Available in all countries

Product eligible: All products eligible 

Maximum order: No maximum order

Pricing models: All pricing models

Incentive eligibility: Full eligibility as per the criteria of IBM Reseller incentive programs 



IBM Express Start relationship

Availability: North America, Europe (excluding the CEE region), Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

Products eligible: 

  • Software & appliances
  • Open distribution products Cloud services SaaS entry products Systems Hardware, related Software & Services
  • Storage S1 and Power P1

Maximum order: Maximum order value $100,000 USD per 12 months period ($250,000 USD for Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix).

Pricing models: Special bid pricing not available

Incentive eligibility: Not eligible for BP incentives

Gain access to the full IBM Resell portfolio, unlimited order value, complete pricing structure and Business Partner incentives

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Start selling

Once you have received the authorization, work with your IBM Distributor for any assistance required, including product configuration, pricing and ordering.