IBM has made your solution selling success a benefit for our client sellers. Tap into their industry expertise and knowledge of IBM content to help grow your business.

IBM client teams are compensated for IBM software, hardware and cloud platform content in your solutions when you sell to clients under the Embedded Solution Agreement.

Elevate your go to market strategy to the next level

  • Tap into IBM client team industry expertise and knowledge of IBM content to help grow your business
  • Program designed to align IBM client sellers with ESA tech partner growth objectives

Who gets paid for what offerings

  • IBM global market sellers, software & systems sellers and cloud platform sellers
  • IBM offerings eligible include software transactional, systems and SaaS/PaaS ACV

Get started

Report your solution sales and benefit IBM client sellers

Eligibility and requirements – ESA tech partner must:

  • Join IBM PartnerWorld
  • Have an active Embedded Solution Agreement
  • Agree to simple quarterly reporting

How do I get started?

  • Contact your IBM ESA representative or send a request to esaadmin@au1.ibm.com with your company name, country, PartnerWorld ID and solution name.
  • You will receive an email requesting you to complete the IBM global compliance questionnaire and business integrity training
  • Assign an employee to be your company's ESA admin contact and provide quarterly reporting

Ready to Report?

Report your sales online using the link below.