IBM Value Package subscribers can request vouchers to take IBM Software Sales Mastery tests at no charge. This benefit helps Business Partners gain the skills needed for PartnerWorld membership level attainment and participation in IBM Software incentive programs at no charge. These vouchers are in addition to the reimbursement amounts received with the You Pass, We Pay benefit.

Voucher allowance

Value Package voucher allowance is based on your PartnerWorld membership level. You must have an active Value Package subscription to request a voucher, which must be used within six months after issue date. 

Registered - 6 max per year*

Silver - 12 max per year*

Gold - 20 max per year*

Platinum - 40 max per year*

*Year coincides with start/end dates of your Value Package subscription. If you renew your Value Package, please note that your new set of vouchers are not available until your current plan expires and the new plan takes effect.

Voucher guidelines

  • Vouchers are valid for six months. If you do not use the voucher within that time, it will be invalid.
  • Voucher allowance is based on your PartnerWorld membership level. You can request the maximum allotment for your level each time your 12-month Value package renews.
  • If your membership level changes, your voucher allotment will automatically reflect the change
  • You may only request one voucher at a time
  • Voucher numbers can only be used once
  • Expired, unused vouchers cannot be replaced and will be counted as part of your allotment
  • Vouchers are only valid for IBM Software Sales Mastery tests. Sales Mastery test series numbers begin with "M" (example: M1000-001) 
  • Vouchers are not valid for Technical Mastery tests that begin with "P"