Why embeddable AI?

For years, IBM Research has invested in developing AI capabilities which are embedded in IBM software offerings. We are now making the same capabilities available to our partners, providing them a simpler path to create AI-powered solutions.

Market perspective

Organizations are working to embed AI into their applications and processes. However, they face two challenges to accelerate adoption. Learn how IBM is addressing them.

Limited AI skills

  • A lack of expertise and skills in AI remain its biggest barrier to adoption.
  • IBM provides cutting-edge AI capabilities for users with a range of AI skills.

Ensuring trustworthy and responsible AI

  • Few organizations have made tangible investments to ensure trust or address bias. 
  • IBM offers open source explainability toolkits to support transparency in machine learning models.

Build with IBM embeddable AI

Flexible and extensible

Fit for purpose libraries providing APIs with dynamic implementation across models.

Trustworthy AI

Designed with trust from the ground up—with fairness, explainability and privacy.

Run anywhere

From hyperscalers to on premises to the edge, and everywhere in between.

Robust and secure

Enterprise-grade security backed by IBM's 24/7 support.

The IBM embeddable AI portfolio

IBM Watson APIs

Managed and hosted by IBM

  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding
  • IBM Watson Speech to Text Service
  • IBM Watson Text to Speech Service

IBM applications

  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • IBM Watson Discovery
  • IBM Instana® Observability
  • IBM Maximo® Visual Inspection

What to expect when you build with IBM

Create unique client solutions with resiliency, at speed and scale no matter where you are in your journey.


Become a member of IBM PartnerWorld to access the Build Track and unlock benefits aligned to the Build ecosystem journey.


Access IBM’s embeddable AI library collection to start building your solution and choose the preferred deployment model.


Create campaigns with the newly launched go-to-market kit, co-marketing funds and templates available in IBM My Digital Marketing.


Expand your reach with IBM sellers. Develop relationships with enterprise clients to grow your business through the IBM Partner Advocacy Program.

Partner success

Learn from existing Build partners who are embedding AI into their solutions and see the impact they’re having in the market.


Embedding IBM technology helps Dubber differentiate itself in the market and encourages customer confidence.

Ivory Soluciones

Ivory Soluciones and IBM are helping Astex revolutionize language training through the use of AI-driven components.


CrushBank uses AI to arm its IT staff with better information.

Let’s create something that changes everything

As an IBM Partner, you can access the resources, expertise, support and co-marketing assistance needed to build and go to market with IBM.