IBM Watson Workspace is a collaboration application with the built-in power of Watson. It's designed to help teams do their best work.

Make collaboration smarter

With Watson Workspace, you can connect and collaborate with your teams, squads, and other work groups from anywhere, on any device. It has a full, searchable history of all conversations, and one central place for all shared images and resources. You can connect third party apps to work more seamlessly with your everyday tools. 

Get more work done

When conversations move fast, Watson Workspace uses cognitive technology to summarize conversations, prioritize tasks, and connect actionable language to next steps, so you can get more done. Over time, Watson learns from your conversations and business processes, making it possible for you to create a customizable work space that understands your team’s vernacular and system of interaction.

Focus on what matters most

The “Moments” feature summarizes your conversations and highlights what’s most important to you, effectively reducing the noise often created by collaboration and making it easy to catch up quickly. Watson also identifies keywords and recognizes intent to drive actionable workflow right within the conversation, minimizing the disruptive nature of pivoting between multiple tools.

Put Watson to work for your team

Watson Workspace is at its best for teams that work together on a regular basis. No matter the kind of work, if it requires members to connect often, communicate frequently, and stay aligned regularly, then Watson Workspace is a must-have for your team's collaboration.

Put Watson to work for you and your team with Watson Workspace!

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