Do you operate in multiple countries? Save when you buy subscriptions in bulk.

The IBM Value Package (VP) and Software Access Option (SAO) are sold at the Country Enterprise (CE) level. If you use the VP or SAO in multiple countries, you may be able to save on the total cost of your subscriptions when you purchase in bulk.

Buy 5 or more VPs, SAOs, or a combination of both for your CEs through a Purchase Order (PO) and get 40% off the retail price.

For example, the purchase of 5 Value Packages would result in a savings of USD 5,000.

Ordering instructions for IBM Value Package and Software Access Option bulk subscription

1. Determine which of your CEs for which you are purchasing the VP or SAO.

2. Create a PO for total amount of subscriptions and email it to The PO email should include a list of the CEs being covered:

  • CE name
  • CE ID
  • Country
  • Type of subscription being purchased for each (VP or SAO)
  • Discounted price for each subscription

Please use this IBM entity address on PO:

IBM Corporation

PO Box 643600

Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3600


  • If details about CEs, subscription and price can be written into the PO, please do so.
  • PO must have a unique PO number written on it.
  • If one of your CEs is located in the US, please submit your PO from the US to expedite processing.


  • 1-4 Value Packages = USD 2,500 each
  • 5+ Value Packages = USD 1,500 each
  • 1-4 Software Access Options = USD 995 each
  • 5+ Software Access Options = USD 597 each

3. To complete the process, each of the designated CEs will need to accept the usage terms in the PartnerWorld Profile System. The Authorized Profile Administrators for each of the covered CEs will receive an email with instructions and a link to the usage terms for electronic acceptance (or hard copy acceptance where required). 

Once accepted, all registered contacts at each covered CE will be entitled to use subscription benefits.

Note: you must be a PartnerWorld member before initiating an order.

Not interested in buying in bulk? 

Purchase a single VP or SAO through the regular online ordering process.


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