About this resource

With this benefit, you can get discounts, promotions, and special offers on products and services from a variety of top merchants through the same shopping portal available to IBM employees. You can help reduce the cost of running your business by using these discounts on products ranging from cell phones and office furniture for your employees to promotional items for your sales force.

This benefit is not restricted to business use. You and your employees can access any of these money saving opportunities for personal use too—including home mortgage programs, consumer electronics, vacation packages, and concert tickets—all at discounted pricing.

  • Save on consumer merchandise, financial services, automobiles, and more
  • Choose from quality products from nationally-recognized retailers
  • Access a well-organized interface that makes finding products and services simple.

IBM has arranged for our Business Partners to have access to this offering at no charge. We encourage you to use this benefit to help maximize our mutual success with your IBM-related offerings and services.


All registered PartnerWorld members are eligible.

Countries: Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States 

Membership: All levels 

Cost: No charge