From One Expert to another

As an IBM® PartnerWorld® Platinum Business Partner, or, IBM Partner Package Enterprise subscriber, you have direct access to IBM experts who consult with you in the development of a solution. And at no cost to you.


Let’s work together to fine-tune your solution.

Your skills, with IBM technical and industry experts, means insights, refined approaches and the wisdom to supercharge your development. Reduce costs, develop and deploy faster with technologies like AI, cloud and blockchain.

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Enjoy the benefits of Platinum top-tier status and come out on top.

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Your no-cost technical expert consultation with IBM helps make sure you hit the mark with clients.

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Your no-cost web conference with IBM experts gives you tools you need to innovate, create and disrupt.

Top technical and industry experts, such as IBM Distinguished Engineers and senior technical architects, are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work helping you deliver high value, differentiated solutions. Consult with us and reap the benefits in the following areas:

  • IBM Cloud ™
  • IBM Watson®
  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Watson IoT ™
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Blockchain
  • IBM Watson Customer Engagement

About this benefit

Access to IBM experts who consult with the Business Partner deal team to accelerate their capability in the design of a solution, provided in a one hour web conference. The Consult may be used to help shape a deal or when solution design is in process. IBM teams of experts support this opportunity - specific service, with no fee to the Business Partner. The experts include top technical and industry experts, such as IBM Distinguished Engineers and senior technical architects in IBM growth solutions (e.g, cloud, cognitive/Watson, analytics, IoT, security, blockchain, and commerce). 


Countries: Worldwide

Progam level: Platinum, or, IBM Partner Package Enterprise subscribers

Cost: None


1. The IBM Business Partner initiates a request by completing the request form.

2. When IBM receives the request:

  • The IBM Project Manager will send the Business Partner a Microsoft PowerPoint template that provides guidance on the information needed about the client, sales strategy, and proposed solution design as well as key questions or issues the Business Partner deal team would like the IBM experts to address in the Consult.
  • An initial scope evaluation call will be scheduled. The purpose of this call is to plan for the Technical Expert Consult, review the information provided by the Business Partner, determine the areas of expertise that need to be represented by experts in the Consult, identify participants from the Business Partner deal team, and discuss preferred timing for the Consult.

3. The IBM Project Manager identifies the necessary IBM experts available to participate in the Consult, shares the information the Business Partner has provided with them, and schedules the Technical Expert Consult web conference.

4. During the Consult, the proposed solution design and key questions are presented by the Business Partner technical lead. The IBM experts will discuss with the Business Partner deal team, answer questions, and provide recommendations to strengthen the solution design.

5. Deliverable: After the Consult, a summary of the recommendations from the discussion are documented and provided to the Business Partner participants. The Business Partner deal team is responsible to act on the recommendations as they deem appropriate.

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