Eligible Public Clouds Under this Bring Your Own Software and License (BYOSL) policy, IBM authorizes PartnerWorld participants to deploy eligible IBM Programs on an eligible public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by IBM or a third party subject to the conditions below.

Note: This policy does not include engagements with vendors who are accessing the software and/or running or managing some/all of your computing environment under the control of their own employees, either on your premises or on theirs (e.g., strategic outsourcing, web hosting, managed service providers, and so on). These situations require separate arrangements and are not covered by this policy.

Eligible Public Clouds

Value Package subscribers are eligible to deploy to IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft through the end of your subscription.


IBM Cloud


EC2 Instances and EC2 Dedicated Instance


Google Compute Engine


Azure Virtual Machines

Eligible IBM Programs

This policy allows you to deploy and execute on an EPC any IBM Program licensed through the PartnerWorld Software Access Catalog in accordance with the terms of the PartnerWorld Software Usage Attachment or PartnerWorld Value Package Attachment or Partner Package Attachment.

Licensing requirements and conditions

This policy does not modify or supersede any obligations in the applicable governing license agreements, including requirements for licensed software use in a virtualized environment. The verification terms in such license agreements apply to you when you upload, install, or use eligible IBM Programs in an EPC and you agree to collect any required usage data for your licensed software in that EPC. You will not provide the cloud provider with any unauthorized use or access to the eligible IBM Programs.

You must use, install, and configure reporting tools designated by IBM for reporting usage and provide such reports to IBM upon request in accordance with IBM’s guidelines. If IBM has not designated reporting tools to support your environment, then you must provide records and system tools output in accordance with the obligations in the PartnerWorld Software Usage Attachment or PartnerWorld Value Package Attachment or Partner Package Attachment. Information you provide needs to include, but is not limited to: EPC name, EPC service, Program product part numbers, quantity of cloud instances/virtual machines in use, vCPUs/Cores for each cloud instance/virtual machine, and PVU per vCPU/Core.

When you use a license entitlement according to this policy, you may not use such entitlements for any other purpose or in any other place at the same time.