Run Your Business with IBM Software Access Catalog software

IBM PartnerWorld Members who hold a Value Package, Software Access Option or Partner Package Subscription can use IBM Software to run their business

Run Your Business software usage is intended to help build your skills with IBM software, enabling you to more effectively sell it to your customers


  • You must have an active IBM Partner Package subscription and accept the agreement associated
  • If your subscription expires, you must discontinue using the software

When can you use RYB software?

  • You must be actively selling or influencing the sale of the software you are using to Run Your Business
  • Software may only be used as part of the operation of the parts of your Enterprise which focus principally on the influence and sale of the same software
  • Software may not be mixed with software acquired via Passport Advantage
  • Software is provided as-is, and is not supported

RYB eligible programs and quantities

As defined by the attachment you accepted with the package you have

Cannot be used for fee-based work

Software may not be used to generate direct revenue by earning fees for services, such as:

  • Creating/modifying applications/solutions for specific customers
  • Operating a business process outsourcing environment wherein you operate or otherwise provide specific business function on behalf of your customers
  • Delivering training not authorized by IBM
  • Providing conferencing services to third parties

Cannot be used for no-charge support

  • Software may not be used to support end users, even if such support is provided to the end users at no charge
  • All other Value Package Attachment or Software Usage Attachment terms and conditions apply

Check back for changes

  • This criteria is subject to change without notice and must be reviewed each time your IBM Partner Package is renewed or you install Software Access Catalog software for Run Your Business purposes