Get answers for questions or problems on select IBM Cloud Paks

Remote technical support provides access to application development support for select IBM server operating systems and Software Access Catalog cross-server products and technologies during the development phase of your commercial development projects, including technical assistance for product usage, migration, installation, and integration.

This pre-deployment benefit is included with IBM Partner Packages and the IBM Value Package.

To submit your question:

  • Access remote tech support
  • Select the applicable product/technology area for your question
  • Enter your question or description of the problem

Members may submit technical questions using remote tech support, and may access the IBM Service Request tool to view status or update the problem report.


To access the offering, participants must have an active IBM Partner Package or IBM Value Package subscription. 

What we support

Additional details on support areas

Select IBM Cloud Paks

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Operating Systems

We support your development efforts on the following IBM operating systems:

  • AIX
  • IBM i and its licensed program products
  • z/OS

IBM Software Access Catalog products

We support select IBM Software Access Catalog products from the following Business Units:

Many run on Windows and Linux in addition to AIX, IBM I and z/OS.

  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Commerce
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • IBM Mobile
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Systems

IBM Cloud Services and Runtimes

  • Liberty Runtime
  • Node.js Runtime
  • API Connect
  • BPM on Cloud
  • Business Rules
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Cloudant
  • DevOps
  • Integration Bus on Cloud
  • Message Hub
  • Mobile Foundation Core
  • Mobile Foundation Push Notifications
  • Mobile Foundation App ID
  • MQ on Cloud
  • ODM on Cloud
  • Secure Gateway
  • WAS on Cloud

Note: Supported products are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the IBM Corporation.

Development Areas

Receive fast, advanced-level support in complex application development areas such as:

  • Cross-platform and product interaction and interoperability
  • Networking and networked development
  • Communications
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and development environments
  • Database management systems
  • E-commerce
  • Transaction servers
  • Message queuing
  • Web application servers

We do not support:

  1. Your end users (we do not support incidents from or about your customer's systems)
  2. Your company production systems or IBM software used for Run Your Business purposes
  3. Non-IBM operating systems and products
  4. Unsupported releases and environments


1. Submit a Remote Technical Support request

Entitled members may submit technical questions using the remote technical support request form.

2. Use IBM Service Request to review your submitted question

When you submit a remote technical support request, we open a Problem Management Record (PMR) for you. You may access your open PMRs through the IBM electronic problem submission application, IBM Service Request. You can view the current status and make updates to the information within the PMR.

*Allow 48 hours for your submitted question to be converted to a PMR

*Note that PMRs are in the process of migrating to SalesForce on a product-by-product basis. If your PMR has been migrated, you will be notified via email. Access Salesforce Case Viewer to view migrated PMRs.

You must use your IBM ID to access the IBM Service Request tool 

If you have issues viewing your PartnerWorld PMRs, check your Business Partner status in the Service Request tool:

  1. Select Software Registrations from the left navigation menu in the Service Request tool. (This is the default page if you are not yet registered for the tool.)
  2. Click the link labeled Click here to check business partner status, located near the bottom of the Software Registrations page.

This should synchronize your PartnerWorld registration with the Service Request tool.

If you still encounter problems viewing your PartnerWorld PMRs, send an email to the Service Request help desk. In your email please provide your name, IBM ID, your PartnerWorld location ID, and your PMR number if applicable.

Note: Do not use the "Attach Relevant File" facility for AIX PMRs. Contact technical support for instructions on sending files or data.


Self help resources

Solve technical problems using online IBM resources, report problems, get pre-sales support, and find more support through IBM Business Partner Solution Hub.

Terms and Conditions

Unlimited incident emails. An "incident" is one question or problem and its corresponding answer. IBM will not disclose licensed or proprietary information and cannot guarantee an answer to all incidents.

All incidents must be submitted in English. Email incidents may be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the PartnerWorld website. All registered users in your company's Country Enterprise may submit email questions. Support is generally available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time, excluding weekends and major U.S. holidays. PartnerWorld does not support Severity 1 PMRs. 


Our goal is to respond to PMRs within one business day. Complex issues usually require additional time to resolve. If an immediate answer is not possible, a response will include a status update or request for additional information concerning your incident. In some cases, you may be directed to contact your country's local support organization if the problem is determined to be a defect.