Why use PartnerWorld Vouchers?

Use PartnerWorld Program Level education vouchers to receive a 50% discount on registration fees for select IBM Events and eligible IBM Certification exams. Reduce your costs for building IBM solution skills and capabilities to serve your clients. 

Partner Package test vouchers provide a 100% discount for eligible IBM tests. 

2022 Certification Test Vouchers and Event Vouchers - distributed to your Primary Relationship Contact in January Test Vouchers: 

  • PartnerWorld Level Vouchers: Silver (4), Gold (6), and Platinum (8)  
  • Business Partners with active Partner Packages: Advanced (2), Premier (15), and Enterprise (150) Partner Packages
  • Certification Test Booster Pack (10)

Event Vouchers:

  • 2022 Event Vouchers: Silver (1), Gold (2), and Platinum (3) 

2022 Voucher expiration: 

  • December 31, 2022

IBM Certifications - test vouchers

The IBM Professional Certification Program offers you the ability to earn credentials and demonstrate your proven IBM technologies and solutions expertise to your clients, colleagues and employers. Some IBM Certification Achievements may count towards your firm's PartnerWorld Profile and qualify your firm to participate in certain programs and earn more rewards.

To learn more about available IBM Certifications and exam preparation resources see IBM Certification information.  Certification beginning with a "C' qualify.  

If you know the exam you'd like to take, you can go directly to Pearson Vue to register and use your 50% discount voucher or your Partner Package 100% discount vouchers. (See  Terms & Conditions below)

Eligibility - PartnerWorld level vouchers

How are PartnerWorld Program Level event and test vouchers awarded? 

Countries: Worldwide

Program level: Silver, Gold and Platinum level Business Partners.

Silver: 4 test & 1 event voucher

Gold: 6 test & 2 event vouchers

Platinum: 8 test & 3 event vouchers

See Terms & Conditions for complete details on eligibility and usage. 


How to Redeem:  Your Primary Relationship Contact will receive an email in January each year with earned PartnerWorld Program voucher numbers, based on your achieved program level, followed by monthly update distribution of vouchers if your firm reaches a higher level.

Use the PartnerWorld voucher when registering for a certification test or eligible event. 

Vouchers expire at YEAR-END 

Voucher status? Email voucher@us.ibm.com with the subject: "PW Program Voucher Availability", including company name and Country Enterprise ID#

PartnerWorld Partner Package test vouchers

Receive more test vouchers with a Partner Package purchase

Countries: Worldwide

Any level Business Partner can purchase a Partner Package and receive certification test vouchers.  

Advanced Partner Package: 2 test vouchers

Premier Partner Package:  15 test vouchers

Enterprise Partner Package: 150 test vouchers

Certification Test Booster Pack:  10 test vouchers (available if a package is purchased)


See Terms & Conditions for complete details on eligibility and usage. 


Use your 100% discount vouchers when registering for IBM tests with Pearson Vue.

IBM Event - voucher

Select IBM events will be eligible for PartnerWorld event vouchers which provide a 50% discount off the registration fee. 

IBM Security Master Skills University (MSU) event

Sep 12-15, 2022

Register here

Terms and conditions

  1. IBM PartnerWorld Program event and test vouchers provide any employee of the eligible Business Partner firm with a 50% discount off published registration fees for eligible IBM events and IBM Certification tests each year. The Partner Package test vouchers provide a 100% discount.
  2. One voucher per participant, per enrollment. Each authorized voucher is uniquely numbered, may be used only once, and cannot be combined with any other IBM discount.
  3. A voucher cannot be used to cover participant travel and living (T&L) expenses.
  4. All earned vouchers will be sent electronically to the Partner Relationship Contact (PRC) in your PartnerWorld profile and must be redeemed by 31 December of the current year. There will not be any extensions.
  5. A voucher may be used by any employee of the Business Partner firm, but cannot be transferred to customers or other Business Partner firms.
  6. To redeem a voucher, the participant MUST provide the voucher number upon registration for the eligible event or IBM Certification test.
  7. IBM is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the Business Partner should an eligible event or IBM Certification test be cancelled prior to the start date.
  8. A voucher cannot be used to cover late cancellation or no-show fees. If a Business Partner fails to attend an eligible event or take a test without giving proper notification as stated in the enrollment Terms and Conditions, the Business Partner will be charged the full fee based on the published list price.
  9. A PartnerWorld Program event voucher can only be used for select IBM events.
  10. A PartnerWorld Program test voucher is valid for IBM Certification tests that begin with a “C”. Vouchers may not be used for tests that begin with an “A”, “P” or “M” as these are not certification tests.


Any pricing displayed on this page is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the price for which IBM will sell any associated IBM product or services to its clients or Business Partners. Such pricing should not be considered an offer to sell or a pricing quote for IBM products or services.


IBM accepts no liability or responsibility for the use of such illustrative pricing. Should you wish to secure pricing for IBM products or services, contact IBM or your IBM Distributor.