Twice as many credits at every PartnerWorld program level

IBM Cloud credits enable Business Partners to use, learn and build IBM Cloud infrastructure and platform skills and solutions.

Build with access to over 170 industry-leading Cloud services including Watson, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, advanced data analytics, and cyber security.

PartnerWorld members with a Value Package subscription are eligible for 2X IBM Cloud credits than non-subscribing members.

How to request your credits

Step 1: Subscribe to the IBM Value Package

You must be a PartnerWorld member with an active Value Package subscription to take advantage of this offer.

Step 2: Request IBM Cloud credits

Learn more about IBM Cloud credits and take advantage of this offer by visiting the IBM Cloud credits page.


  • Credits can only be claimed once by a Business Partner company for their individual Country Enterprise per year.
  • Credits expire after 12 months.
  • In general, if you are participating in another IBM Cloud credits offering, e.g., Startup with IBM, you should utilize the credits via that program and may not also request this PartnerWorld benefit.
  • IBM Cloud Agreement, Terms of Use and Service Descriptions
  • To be eligible for 2X credits, your Value Package subscription must be paid and active.