SAS Informatica srl

Consumer Products

Food Italiae engaged IBM Business Partner SAS Informatica to develop a transparency solution based on the IBM Food Trust which is an agrifood ecosystem that links growers, suppliers, processors, retailers and others to create a safer, trusted and more sustainable food system around the world.


Computer Services

With a length of 8,000 kilometers, Brazil’s coastline challenges scientists wishing to model patterns of waves, tidal surges, sediments and weather. Consultants from BuildIT, an IBM Business Partner, solved these problems by leading us to IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, and The Weather Company.

Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)

Media & Entertainment

WAAY-TV teamed with IBM Business Partner Enterprise Electronics Corporation teamed to implement The Weather Company, an IBM Business solutions that gathers accurate weather data up to 4-6 times faster, eliminates gaps and gains real-time radar insights.


Travel & Transportation

Riyadh Airport eliminates maintenance paperwork by 80% and increases productivity by 40% when it engages IBM Business Partner eSolutions to deploy IBM Maximo and IBM Cognos Analytics to modernize its maintenance operations.


Professional Services

IBM Business Partner IPwe built an automated and transparent Global Patent Registry using IBM Blockchain and AI to help organizations gain liquidity from patents.

Var Group S.p.A. and Apio S.r.L.

Consumer Products

To reassure its customers of the consistent quality of its cured meat products, family-owned company Colli del Garda joined with IBM Business Partners Var Group S.p.A. and Apio S.r.L. to launch a blockchain solution powered by the IBM Food Trust™ platform.

Systech International

Energy & Utilities

When outdated, unconnected asset management software systems encumbered Hubco’s work processes, it engaged IBM Business Partner Systech International to deploy and integrate IBM® Maximo® for Oil and Gas software.



NHS Highland worked with MACS EU to deploy IBM® Maximo® Mobile and IBM Maximo Scheduler—enabling engineers to respond rapidly to urgent maintenance requests even in places with poor connectivity.

Praxis Solutions

Chemicals & Petroleum

Limited by paper-based back-office processes, PDO was looking to embrace a computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) solution. The business joined with Carillion Alawi LLC and IBM Business Partner Praxis Solutions to migrate its procurement and company-wide asset and real estate management processes to IBM® Maximo® software.

Cognition Foundry

Computer Services

Plastic Bank, a nonprofit organization in Canada creates a self-sustaining system for reducing plastic pollution in the oceans while providing poor communities with economic opportunity when it engages IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry to build a trusted reward system using IBM Blockchain technology running on IBM Cloud.

TROIA d.o.o.

Computer Services

Wanting to help its customers simplify their asset management, IBM Business Partner TROIA d.o.o. launched its new TROIA AR solution using IBM® Maximo® software.



IBM Business Partner Dot.lib developed best practices for integrating IBM Micromedex solutions from IBM Watson Health with electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Chateaux Software

Computer Services

Profitability begins with accountability. Learn how to increase your profits with blockchain with Chateaux story and some of the exciting projects that they have worked on including with their customer Vertrax.


Computer Services

Chainyard have designed and built a new solution for supplier information management, one that reduces risks through use of a trusted digital identity secured on the blockchain.

Shou Ray Information Services Co., Ltd.


IBM Business Partner SRIS, an IBM® Micromedex® partner in Taiwan teamed with IBM Watson Health® to drive growth with two AI-infused solutions for clinical decision support — the IBM Micromedex with Watson™ solution and the DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson solution.

Al-Shehail & Co.Ltd.


The healthcare provider worked with Al-Shehail to implement the IBM Micromedex with Watson clinical decision-support tool and a comprehensive drug formulary, available to providers online and on mobile devices.

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