Computer Services

Watch Harpreet Walia, President and CEO, WaveStrong, details teaming with IBM to help clients navigate the increased security threats presented within the work-from-home environment.



Watch Ryan Peatt, CPO, Kivuto, talks about teaming with IBM to empower learners and educators to succeed in the digital world.



Watch Tara Panu, VP Marketing and Customer Experience, Movius, discusses partnering with IBM to enable secure and compliant mobile communications for highly regulated industries with a growing remote workforce.

NexJ Health


Watch Janine Tatham, VP Strategic Accounts, NexJ Health, talks about working with IBM to provide healthcare providers, employers, and the general public a virtual care program to help manage and contain the pandemic.

Mark III Systems

Computer Services

Watch as Stan Wysocki (President of IBM Business Partner Mark III Systems) discusses how his business is using Red Hat and IBM Power Systems to adapt, innovate and thrive when selling in a virtual space.


Computer Services

With IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure hosted worldwide and the Veeam on IBM Cloud backup and restore service, Movius provides its MultiLine offering to global enterprises.

Kilroy Blockchain

Computer Services

Karen Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Blockchain, describes the use of IBM Blockchain and IBM Watson to help ensure that data used in AI algorithms is as reliable and secure as possible.

Mark III Systems

Computer Services

Using IBM’s unique storage technology, Mark III can help its university clients cope not only with the flood of data already at their disposal, but with the deluge yet to come. That can translate into real health outcomes that can help save countless lives in the future.

Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.

Computer Services

Disaster recovery is a complex task that many companies still fail to focus on. IBM business partner Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. applied its security and disaster recovery expertise that enhances IBM QRadar with Custom Scripting for Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Wipro Limited

Computer Services

Wipro transforms client applications using the IBM Cloud and well positioned to help companies make that transition.

Zilker Technology


Zilker Technology’s solution aimed to solve a modern banking problem. Like other industries that are facing disruption by rapid changes in technology, the financial sector is no exception.


Travel & Transportation

Chainyard have designed and built a new solution for supplier information management, one that reduces risks through use of a trusted digital identity secured on the blockchain.

Chateaux Software

Chemicals & Petroleum

Chateaux Software helping Vertrax to build a series of solutions on AWS that provide deeper insights into the oil and gas bulk liquid distribution supply chain.

Cognition Foundry

Computer Services

Harnessing the power of IBM Blockchain, Cognition Foundry is helping startups establish credibility and deliver innovation that matters to the world.

Alert Logic

Computer Services

Alert Logic focused heavily on managed detection and response (MDR) to empower their customers with the visibility and insight into their own networks to quickly let them know when they are being attacked and how they can effectively respond when these threats come.

Third Summit

Computer Services

Third Summit, a collective of full-stack digital media solutions, officially became an IBM Business Partner.  With IBM, Third Summit wants to power a new production ecosystem.

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Travel & Transportation

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