You may qualify for a cash incentive of up to $2k for using digital marketing

Don't work hard for better marketing, put better marketing to work, with IBM My Digital Marketing.

  • Marketing automation platform
  • Ready-to-use campaigns and events
  • Website syndication
  • Asset library
  • Performance metrics

Generate leads for your sales team in less time

Plan comprehensive digital campaigns with IBM My Digital Marketing.


An intuitive interface makes identifying the right campaign or marketing asset a simple task.

Customize campaign assets or upload your own to My Digital Marketing.


Customize copy and images on email and social posts, or use templates to create your own content.

Launch, run and manage your digital campaign from end-to-end with My Digital Marketing.


All campaigns can be launched in the platform using the powerful marketing automation engine.

Get robust analytics to track the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.


Track performance, fine-tune campaigns, and route opportunities to your sales team all within the platform.

Get started with My Digital Marketing

1. If you're not a registered Business Partner, join PartnerWorld

You'll need an IBM ID to log in to My Digital Marketing. It only takes a few minutes.

2. Associate with a company

Work with your company's Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) to be added to your company's profile.

3. Log in to My Digital Marketing

Once you have an IBM ID and are associated with your company profile, log in with your user name and password.

4. Need help getting started?

Make an appointment with our dedicated concierge team, they are available 12:00am ET - 5:00pm ET.

Looking for training resources? Try our step-by-step guides.