Computer Services

Watch as Begim Basligil (CEO Bulutistan) discusses how his business is using IBM Power Systems to deliver cloud services to its clients and driving digital transformation.


Computer Services

Watch as Hakan Yildiz (Assistant General Manager of IBM Business Partner ComPro) discusses how ComPro is taking advantage of IBM Power Systems as a robust, stable, secure and high- performance platform for managing critical workloads for its customers.


Industrial Products

Teaming with DoshEx, the company implemented the IBM Blockchain platform on IBM Cloud to resolve site management inefficiencies, significantly reduce the risk of human error and boost confidence in data.

Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc.

Professional Services

Wanting to simplify real estate management for its customers, IBM NextGen Ecosystem Tech Partner JLL launched its new Prism solution, offering users real-time visibility into site performance and health.

Praxis Solutions

Chemicals & Petroleum

Limited by paper-based back-office processes, PDO was looking to embrace a computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) solution. The business joined with Carillion Alawi LLC and IBM Business Partner Praxis Solutions to migrate its procurement and company-wide asset and real estate management processes to IBM® Maximo® software.

Ocular Technologies


Overwhelmed by high volumes of customer queries, Roman’s Pizza joined with IBM Business Partner Ocular Technologies to launch Levi, a customer support chatbot powered by IBM Watson technology.


Computer Services

Technology vendors constantly iterate with new product platforms and features. Bulutistan turned this challenge into a business opportunity using the cloud to offer clients its SAP HANA as a service solution that grew its cloud business over 9000%.


Professional Services

To help build a better Medicaid Enterprise System, Deloitte created HealthInteractive, to connect MES modules that facilitates high processing performance and transparent visibility into Medicaid operations. Read the blog to learn more.


Computer Services

Keeping patients on track is critical in clinical trials. Read how Patch AI and IBM help patients and clinicians with a tool that personalizes the patient experience, earning it the IBM Outstanding Cloud and AI Embed Solution 2020 Beacon Award.

Saudi Business Machines (SBM)

Computer Services

Tabadul engaged IBM Cloud Integration Expert Labs to design its new microservices environment and IBM Business Partner Saudi Business Machines (SBM) to provide a full suite of consulting, implementation, integration, support and knowledge transfer services.


Computer Services

The company became an IBM Next Generation Ecosystem Business Partner, working with IBM Garage to launch two of its major software solutions on IBM Cloud.

Chilli IT


With assistance from Chilli IT, TJ Morris is rolling out latest-generation IBM Power Systems S914 servers to 400 existing stores and to 75 new sites, ramping up IT performance and resilience.


Computer Services

Cloud conversations don’t need to be complex. IBM Business Partner TIMETOACT Group is taking advantage of the IBM acquisition of Red Hat to help make these discussions go a lot smoother.

Al-Shehail & Co.Ltd.


The healthcare provider worked with Al-Shehail to implement the IBM Micromedex with Watson clinical decision-support tool and a comprehensive drug formulary, available to providers online and on mobile devices.

TechKnowledge GT LLC

Computer Services

Together with Watson Health, TechKnowledge created a first-of-its-kind healthcare facility performance framework that uses real-time clinical dashboards to provide cutting-edge, cloud-based clinical benchmarking to help the customer and similar clients improve performance and service.


Computer Services

DoshEx is working to fight corruption, strengthen contracts and solve the trust disparity within the construction community.

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