Ideatolife Inc.

Computer Services

Ali Zein, CEO of Ideatolife, narrates his experience of collaborating with IBM and how their organization is able to reduce the time to market for their flagship solutions by becoming a 'Build' partner through an Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA).

Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc.

Professional Services

Hear Benjamin Jackson from JLL narrating their experience on how they have leveraged IBM Garage capabilities and 'Build' partnership to enhance their marquee solution - Prism, offering multi dimensional insights to real estate users using Data & AI capabilities.

Smart Vision

Computer Services

Mohamed Zohdi, MD of Smart Vision, shares the value attributed by becoming an IBM 'Build' partner. From access to technical expertise and growing revenues multi-fold, Smart Vision has been successfully seizing opportunities to expand their business through IBM partnership.


Computer Services

Hear Robert Green, from IBM Business Partner Dizzion, outlines how an IBM Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) helps his organization appeal to customers. By taking advantage of its relationship with IBM, Dizzion can offer shorter contracts, scale with demand, collaborate on product development and reach new geographies.

MadX Panel Sdn Bhd

Computer Services

Server maintenance and management may not be the most glamorous task, and for many enterprises, managing and maintaining servers can prove daunting. IBM Business Partner MadX Panel Sdn Bhd strives to provide its customers with a safe and ultra-reliable web hosting experience operating under IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).


Computer Services

To simplify the rollout of Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud, the business chose to deliver the solution under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) that provides users with direct access to a cloud-hosted virtual workspace that can support integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Dubber Corporation

Computer Services

To deliver Dubber AI, the business coordinates with telecommunications providers across the globe, allowing users to activate the tool as a feature of their call or video conferencing plan. And to streamline this global service delivery — along with the underlying IBM technology delivered under an IBM® Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).

Apendo AB

Computer Services

Apendo AB developed a Swedish language support and recognizes over 550,000 Swedish words when it leverages IBM Cloud Pak and IBM Watson AI technology to create a digital assistant for municipalities to answer citizens’ queries and delivering it through an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).

b+m Informatik AG


NBank joined with IBM Business Partner b+m Informatik AG to launch a digital loan application platform hosted on IBM Cloud® and delivered under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement, enables the bank to process applications without using physical paper.


Computer Services

IBM Business Partner Deswik partnered with Alicanto Labs in Chile to develop and launch its Deswik.GO offering, backed by  IBM CPLEX® Optimizer software and delivered under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).


Computer Services

Relying on IBM Security™ software delivered under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA), IBM business partner SecurityHQ readily scale its monitoring to match user demand and standardized its managed detection and response operations on IBM QRadar SIEM software.

RNG Teknoloji

Computer Services

Focused on providing the Turkish marketplace with easy to use and deploy backup and recovery capabilities, IBM Business Partner RNG Teknoloji updated its 2xProtect platform with IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus software. Delivered under an IBM® Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA), the solution empowers users to more quickly and seamlessly protect critical data.

Analytical Information Management Solutions (AIMS)


Hoping to better align with the expectations and needs of its customers, Anadolu Insurance joined with IBM Business Partner AIMS to deploy a comprehensive customer modeling and analytics platform — named “360° Analytical Vision” and backed by IBM® SPSS® technology under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement.

JFORCE Bilisim Teknolojileri A.S.

Computer Services

To empower banks to deliver faster, better service to consumers, IBM Business Partner JFORCE launched its new CLEVER platform. An integration and automation engine delivered under an IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).


Computer Services

Protect what matters. Hear from IBM Business Partner Lumina Analytics to learn how AI-powered search, and behavioral modeling is being used to identify, track and mitigate risks.

Ocular Technologies


Overwhelmed by high volumes of customer queries, Roman’s Pizza joined with IBM Business Partner Ocular Technologies to launch Levi, a customer support chatbot powered by IBM Watson technology.

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