What is My Digital Marketing?

Digital Content Marketing (DCM) is moving to a new platform. You'll find all the same features—email, social, website syndication, and assets—delivered in a more intuitive user interface.

With My Digital Marketing you can:

  • Reach your audience faster
  • Increase demand and generate leads
  • Use analytics to track responses
  • Fine-tune your tactics for the best results

Follow the steps below to get started.

Register for the My Digital Marketing automation platform.

Important dates

19 February
Attend the My Digital Marketing webcast to learn about the new platform

28 February
Last recommended day to send email or posts in live campaigns

Before the end of March
Identify which embedded web pages, microsites, or banners need to be replaced; find the new My Digital Marketing codes to install on your website

31 March
Last day to download historical reporting and export contacts

Start using My Digital Marketing

1. If you're not a registered Business Partner, join PartnerWorld

You'll need an IBM ID to log in to My Digital Marketing. It only take a few minutes to apply.

2. Associate with a company

Work with your company's Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) to be added to your company's profile.

3. Log in to My Digital Marketing

Once you have an IBM ID and are associated with your company profile, log in with your user name and password.

Migrate website syndication⁠—showcase, microsites and banners

All DCM content will be removed on 31 March. Showcases, microsites and banners embedded on your site must be replaced with new code.

Follow the steps below to get replacement code, schedule time for 1:1 help, or read the migration guide.

  1. Identify embed code on your current website
  2. Go to My Digital Marketing and click web syndication
  3. Find the content you need to replace, activate, and get the new code

IBM My Digital Marketing tour

Attend a live webcast for a tour of the new platform and important migration information.

19 February at 8:00 AM Eastern

19 February at 7:00 PM Eastern