Data Technology

Data Technology reimagines what a business conference can be. With the additional safety measures and tools, the cost of the Predictive Analytics Conference increased considerably. To help offset these expenses, Data Technology took advantage of IBM Co-Marketing funds.


DASC streamlined its marketing efforts and empower its staff to do more in less time and was able to generate 67 new leads while also driving increased brand interest among existing customers using IBM’s Co-Marketing program.

Cleis Tech S.r.l.

With IBM’s Co-Marketing program, Cleis Tech launched several multi-touch marketing campaigns that included telemarketing and email touches generated several new leads for its infrastructure solutions.

Groupe HISI

Groupe HISI uses IBM Co-Marketing to increase its visibility at a key event that not only generated leads, but it also established several vital new vendor partnerships, expanding the scope of its target market.

InTec System

InTec System strengthened its market position and boosted its brand recognition across the region with IBM Co-Marketing support.

IT Smart Systems

With IBM’s Co-Marketing program, IT Smart Systems get the resources, assets and funding that they need to help grow demand for IBM offerings.

Mark III Systems, Converge Technology Partners, TIMETOACT Group

IBM Co-Marketing presents Business Partners with an opportunity to expand the scope and frequency of their marketing efforts, tapping into new markets, industries and customer pools. Listen to some of IBM's Partners explain the value they’ve found from leveraging the program.

Software & Maintenance Cloud S.L.

With various programs in place, S&M Cloud expanded its reach, building new relationships and capturing market interest.

Sistemas aKúbica

Sistemas aKúbica generated several new leads, which it converted into sales thanks to its newly launched digital marketing efforts.

Cosmos Business Systems

Using IBM Co-Marketing funds, Cosmos launched an aggressive telemarketing campaign focused on named and new accounts taking advantage of the IBM digital marketing automation platform.

Orb Data

Orb Data Ltd. captures greater industry interest and several new leads by increasing the frequency of its marketing events with co-marketing funds.

IBM My Digital Marketing

Read how IBM offers our Business Partners the IBM My Digital Marketing platform featuring Cloud Pak for Data 3.5 — a great opportunity for a successful digital marketing strategy.

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