With IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure hosted worldwide and the Veeam on IBM Cloud backup and restore service, Movius provides its MultiLine offering to global enterprises.

Converge Technology, ClearObject, MarkIII Systems

Computer Services

Hear from IBM Business Partners that are guiding clients through their journey to cloud, as they discuss their work with IBM to create some new and compelling cloud solutions.

PBM Personal Business Machine AG


PBM uses the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud and other IBM Cloud services to expand capacity in real time, store and stream media content, and better manage government regulations.

Adept Enterprise Solutions Pte Ltd.


Presented with options by IBM Business Partner Adept Enterprise Solutions Pte Ltd., Dornier MedTech chose IBM Cognos Controller on Cloud. The timely rollout was successful, with virtually no disruption to the company’s global operations.

Analytics Network S.r.l.


To accelerate credit requests, Banca Alpi Marittime joined with IBM Business Partner Analytics Network S.r.l. to launch Credit Scorecard App, an AI-powered approval engine backed by IBM® SPSS® Modeler technology.


Computer Services

With a length of 8,000 kilometers, Brazil’s coastline challenges scientists wishing to model patterns of waves, tidal surges, sediments and weather. Consultants from BuildIT, an IBM Business Partner, solved these problems by leading us to IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, and The Weather Company.

Fusion Broadband Pty Ltd

Computer Services

Fusion Broadband partnered with IBM has given it access to high-performance global network infrastructure, providing a platform for global expansion that earned it the 2020 Beacon Award for Outstanding Infrastructure Services Solution.


Computer Services

Protect what matters. Hear from IBM Business Partner Lumina Analytics to learn how AI-powered search, and behavioral modeling is being used to identify, track and mitigate risks.

Epiphany S.R.L.


The startup chose the IBM® Cloud Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud® and uses additional IBM Cloud services, gaining the agility and availability required to grow its business and wow its banking customers.


Energy & Utilities

Elecnor turned to IBM Business Partner SimpleCloud, which deployed its virtual desktop solution hosted on IBM® Cloud® in less than one hour.


Computer Services

To help build a better Medicaid Enterprise System, Deloitte created HealthInteractive, to connect MES modules that facilitates high processing performance and transparent visibility into Medicaid operations. Read the blog to learn more


Computer Services

Keeping patients on track is critical in clinical trials. Read how Patch AI and IBM help patients and clinicians with a tool that personalizes the patient experience, earning it the IBM Outstanding Cloud and AI Embed Solution 2020 Beacon Award.

Wipro Limited

Computer Services

For companies moving their legacy applications to the cloud, Wipro's new service and software solutions offer smooth migration. Read how Wipro transforms client applications using IBM Cloud, which helped them earn the 2020 IBM Beacon Award.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Computer Services

TCS and IBM believe that the efficient adoption and diffusion of AI in your enterprise requires an integrated platform with industry leading information architecture products and robust AI framework. IBM Cloud Pak for Data undoubtedly helps to address this situation.

Zilker Technology

Computer Services

Zilker Technology’s solution aimed to solve a modern banking problem. Like other industries that are facing disruption by rapid changes in technology, the financial sector is no exception.

Continuity Logic

Computer Services

To help businesses overcome the disruptions impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Continuity Logic (CL) has spent over 14 years providing holistic enterprise platforms for integrated risk management (IRM), security, incident management and continuity.

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