Habber Tec


CaxiaBank needed to provide better solutions to their banking customers in a faster, efficient and a secure way. Learn how they joined forces with IBM Partner Habber Tec to address their business challenges and modernize their core banking under an accelerated timeline with IBM Cloud.


Computer Services

Hear Robert Green, from IBM Business Partner Dizzion, outlines how an IBM Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) helps his organization appeal to customers. By taking advantage of its relationship with IBM, Dizzion can offer shorter contracts, scale with demand, collaborate on product development and reach new geographies.

Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc.

Professional Services

Hear Benjamin Jackson from JLL narrating their experience on how they have leveraged IBM Garage capabilities and 'Build' partnership to enhance their marquee solution - Prism, offering multi dimensional insights to real estate users using Data & AI capabilities.

Prolifics Inc.

Computer Services

Learn how Prolifics is working with IBM to deliver consistent cloud services anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite.

Ideatolife Inc.

Computer Services

Ali Zein, CEO of Ideatolife, narrates his experience of collaborating with IBM and how their organization is able to reduce the time to market for their flagship solutions by becoming a 'Build' partner through an Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA).

ERI Bancaire

Computer Services

Listen to Jean-Phillipe Bersier (from IBM Business Partner ERI Bancaire) discuss working with IBM Cloud to build a solution that helps financial institutions more easily accommodate regulatory requirements.

DS Compliance

Computer Services

Protecting data and consumer privacy are worldwide, cross-industry priorities. DS Compliance, an IBM Silver Business Partner based in the UK, creates multi-industry cybersecurity and compliance solutions that are developed and managed by highly experienced data security experts.

Tetherfi Pte Ltd.

Computer Services

Tetherfi Pte Ltd. enables a hybrid cloud delivery model and expands into new geographies when it leverages IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift solutions to help its clients on cloud journey.

Deep Lab

Wholesale Distribution & Services

Taking advantage of IBM technologies and working closely with Centro Agroalimentare Roma (CAR), Deep Lab under an Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) created BitGood, a waste-conscious exchange platform that simplifies the transfer of food between wholesalers, distributors and outside charity networks focused on eliminating hunger.

Enzyme Advising Group

Consumer Products

Stikets worked with IBM Business Partner Enzyme Advising Group to implement Stiky, a chatbot powered by the IBM Watson Assistant platform running on IBM Cloud that provides 24x7 customer service in multiple languages, answering up to 90% of queries automatically, to keep customers satisfied.

Bechtle & SPOO Group

Travel & Transportation

Partnered with IBM Business Partners Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH and SPOO Group GmBH, Bogestra improves customer service, shortens transfer wait times and gains real-time data visibility using IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services to digitize route planning and optimize transfer wait times.

3Hold Technologies

Professional Services

To eliminate ongoing IT challenges, Climava worked with IBM Business Partner 3Hold Technologies to migrate its SAP ERP environment to IBM Cloud a security-rich and stable cloud environment enabled Climava to manage customer requests and jobs more efficiently while positioning it for easier future growth.

Sisyfos Digital AB

Computer Services

IBM Business Partner Sisyfos Digital AB cuts app development time by 50% and reduces development costs when it implements IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services and IBM Cloud Databases to create interactive mobile apps for its customers.

Aserti Global Solutions, S.L.

Life Sciences

Grupo Lucas worked with ERP consultant Aserti to build an ERP system in the IBM Cloud. Learn how the move benefited both companies.

KP9 Interactive

Computer Services

KP9 originally launched PrintCAST and ShowCAST products, a first geolocation-based AR product using IBM Cloud Platform.

MadX Panel Sdn Bhd

Computer Services

Server maintenance and management may not be the most glamorous task, and for many enterprises, managing and maintaining servers can prove daunting. IBM Business Partner MadX Panel Sdn Bhd strives to provide its customers with a safe and ultra-reliable web hosting experience.

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