Bistech Pty. Ltd

Industrial Products

Coronado, together with IBM Business Partner Bistech Pty. Ltd, consolidated and standardized its back-office financials to a common platform to accelerate reporting and get clear insight with the push of a button.

Cresco International

Energy & Utilities

With help from IBM Business Partner Cresco International, PEG transitioned to a modeling platform based on IBM® ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio software.

Zilker Technology

Retail & Distribution

IBM Business Partner Zilker Technology developed a new offering that empowers brand owners of organic food products to better track quality and payments throughout their entire supply chain.

Genus Technologies


Genus worked with Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to pioneer a digital policing platform to analyze data from multiple sources, uncover leads faster and give officers real-time situational insights.

Salient Process


Brownells sees $20 million sales boost from increased monthly order processing and a 525% increase in regulated items processed each month thanks to rules-based automation.

Bison Schweiz


Bison Schweiz integrated localized weather data into its ESL Manager solution to create labels that respond to changing weather conditions and advise shoppers about smarter purchases.

Tata Consultancy Services


Delphi Automotive anticipates business growth of 20% over the next 5 years thanks to the deployment of an integration platform to support interfaces with internal and external applications.

Chongqing SOA Information Technology


FuYao Glass worked with Chongqing SOA Information Technology to migrate its production and design operations to the cloud, which cut research and development times 75%.


Financial Services

Banco Angolano de Investimentos deployed a hybrid cloud solution to manage customer onboarding and foreign exchange and credit approvals, resulting in better response times and compliance.

Lumina Corporate Solutions


Sompo Seguras engaged Lumina to automate all of its product line underwriting processes, which led to a 20% cut in operation costs and a 57% decrease in delivery.

KS2 Technologies

Engineering & Construction

Meritage Homes used IBM App Connect Professional software to link its on-premise and cloud-based solutions. The work decreased API creation time from days and weeks to minutes and hours.

Shanghai Changjiang Science and Technology Development


Shanghai Changjiang Science and Technology Development built an AI-based medical assessment platform let to a 15% increase in diagnostic accuracy.

Danmon Group

Media & Entertainment

Storyline Studios cut production times from months to weeks and delivers footage many times faster thanks to IBM Aspera Faspex and IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.

Senior Sistemas

Industrial Products

Senior Sistemas built Senior Smart Grain Control System to help Urbano increase worker safety by using sensors to capture and transmit rice volume data and reduce silo monitoring time by 5%.

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