Vicom Infinity

Computer Services

Watch Alex Kim, Systems Solution Architect at Vicom Infinity, explains how IBM and Vicom Infinity teamed to develop a voice assist program built on IBM Watson technologies and enriched with natural language processing and enterprise level security.

Smart Vision

Computer Services

Mohamed Zohdi, MD of Smart Vision, shares the value attributed by becoming an IBM 'Build' partner. From access to technical expertise and growing revenues multi-fold, Smart Vision has been successfully seizing opportunities to expand their business through IBM partnership.

Prolifics, Inc.

Computer Services

Prolifics explains how they developed Quick FHIR, a digital healthcare integration and data solution built on IBM Cloud Paks that allows organizations to share information and employ AI to derive insights, resulting in improved quality and cost in healthcare.

Tridenia S.L.

Computer Services

With the help of IBM Business Partner Tridenia S.L., TRAM Barcelona Open and Wheelchair Tennis score new capabilities with IBM AI Solutions and IBM Cloud connecting players and fans to improve tournament experiences.

DS Compliance

Computer Services

Protecting data and consumer privacy are worldwide, cross-industry priorities. DS Compliance, an IBM Silver Business Partner based in the UK, creates multi-industry cybersecurity and compliance solutions that are developed and managed by highly experienced data security experts.

LKS Financial Solutions & Corporate (FS&C)

Professional Services

Partnering with  IBM Business Partner LKS FS&C, DOMINION Global implemented IBM Cognos Controller software that automates consolidation process, saves time and gains reliable data.

Enzyme Advising Group

Consumer Products

Stikets worked with IBM Business Partner Enzyme Advising Group to implement Stiky, a chatbot powered by the IBM Watson Assistant platform running on IBM Cloud that provides 24x7 customer service in multiple languages, answering up to 90% of queries automatically, to keep customers satisfied.

Selco Consulting

Chemicals & Petroleum, Industrial Products

With the help of IBM Business Partner, Selco Consulting, Toros Tarim achieves 95%-plus capacity usage and demand coverage after deploying an IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio solution.

Ivory Soluciones


ASTEX worked with IBM Business Partner, Ivory Soluciones, and IBM Garage to develop the ASTEX Language Innovation platform on IBM Cloud with IBM Watson technology resulting in a shorter level test for student placement.

Houston Analytics Oy

Consumer Products

IBM Business Partner Houston Analytics Oy jointly worked with Elonen Oy Bakery boosts supply chain efficiency by 20% and improves packing and labeling process using IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to optimize business process.

1Direction Global

Travel & Transportation

Working with IBM Business Partner 1Direction Global, Mawgif reduces report preparation time by 80%, increased performance by 10%, reduced overhead costs by 5%-8%, and increased operational performance by 10% implementing IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.


Computer Services

CitiusTech collaborated with the IBM® Hybrid Cloud Build team to enhance their FAST+ product to identify and evaluate key resources utilized by the FHIR standard: Patient, Provider, Encounter, Diagnosis/Condition and Procedure and implement Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Dubber Corporation

Computer Services

To deliver IBM Business Partner Dubber AI, the business coordinates with telecommunications providers across the globe, allowing users to activate the tool as a feature of their call or video conferencing plan. And to streamline this global service delivery — along with the underlying IBM technology delivered under an IBM® Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA).

Innocens BV

Babies born prematurely, especially those under 1500 grams (3.3 lbs.), are susceptible to significant health challenges. Their immature neurological, cardiac, pulmonary, renal and immune systems can make them vulnerable to life-threatening complications. Innocens BV uses predictive AI to protect the most vulnerable newborns.


Computer Services

The trips can be between the patient’s home and a healthcare facility or from facility to facility. Scheduling such trips is a complex challenge requiring excellent logistics skills. IBM Business Partner IT’S…B2B, helped CRI Udine to digitize ambulance scheduling. Thanks to a first-of-a-kind expert planning system developed with IT’S…B2B called SoTras using 

Apendo AB

Computer Services

IBM Business Partner Apendo AB developed a Swedish language support and recognizes over 550,000 Swedish words when it leverages IBM Cloud Pak and IBM Watson AI technology to create a digital assistant for municipalities to answer citizens’ queries.

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