Who can sell IBM Engineering solutions?

To sell IBM systems engineering solutions, you need to be a member of IBM PartnerWorld, a global marketing and enablement program designed to support IBM Business Partners. You also need to become an IBM Channel Sales Value Rewards (CVR)–authorized Business Partner.

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Engineering Lifecycle Management

Teams facing the challenge of designing, developing and engineering sophisticated products that cost less, in shorter periods of time and with fewer resources, must not only engineer new technologies but also integrate new solutions. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a comprehensive solution that integrates technologies to improve the quality of increasingly complex requirements.

Requirements management: DOORS and DOORS Next

Enable clients to deliver higher quality products at enterprise scale with industry-leading requirements management.

IBM Engineering solutions

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Agile software development

Help clients cut software development and delivery time significantly by adopting agile methods tuned to customer demands and informed by AI.

Products behind the solution:

  • ELM Base
  • Workflow Management
  • Requirements Management

Model-based systems engineering

Enable clients to leverage sophisticated domain models and simulation to build powerful, innovative digital models.

Products behind the solution:

  • Systems Design Rhapsody
  • Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights

Test management

AI and analytics help engineering teams test across the development lifecycle to achieve higher quality and compliance

Products behind the solution:

  • Test Management
  • Requirements Management

Functional safety and compliance

Full traceability for functional safety and regulatory requirements specified to your client's industry.

Products behind the solution:

  • Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing
  • Lifecycle Optimization - Method Composer

Requirements Quality Assistant

Add IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) to DOORS Next or DOORS 9 to increase requirement quality during creation. Using Watson Natural Language Service and pre-trained AI, RQA has built in quality indicators designed to be consistent with guidelines from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) for writing complete, clear and testable requirements.

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