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Software incentives

IBM recognizes Business Partners for the role they play and the value their business brings to drive sales.

New License (NL)

IBM Business Partners can earn incentives for On-Premise New License software for their pre-sales and post-sales value in the end-to-end sales cycle.  

Subscription & Support (S&S)

IBM Business Partners can earn incentives for On-Premise software subscription and support when providing continued coverage, ensuring software is deployed, upgraded, supported, and renewed on-time.

Committed Term License (CTL)

IBM Business Partners may earn a number of New License software incentives when they resell committed term license subscriptions.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

IBM Business Partners can earn up to 20% in reseller incentives when they land new opportunities, drive adoption and expansions, and renew IBM Hosted SaaS Offerings through their preferred distributor. 

Systems incentives

Earn more from reselling IBM Systems offerings

Industry leading sales margins

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Exclusive incentives for Competency Partners

All Business Partners achieving a Systems Competency qualify for quarterly rebates and Business Development Funds


Know your IBM

Business Partner employees can earn points on a re-loadable gift card for performing online education and selling qualifying products.

IBM public cloud

IBM public cloud reseller incentive

Partners can earn the SaaS reseller incentives when they resell the IBM public cloud offering through their preferred distributor.

IBM public cloud  lead passing

More details coming soon!

Participation requirements

A Business Partner must fulfill all the following requirements to participate in any of the resell incentive programs.

PartnerWorld Membership

The Business Partner must be an approved member in IBM PartnerWorld at any level

Business Partner Agreement

The IBM Business Partner must have a signed Business Partner Agreement (BPA).

Distributor Alignment

Resellers must select a Preferred Value Add Distributor if your country is in the Authorized Distribution or in Open Distribution.

Authorization to resell

The Business Partner must be authorized to resell the offering. Many offerings may not require authorization.

Additional resources

IBM Global Financing

Close higher value SaaS deals with a payment plan when the SaaS contract specifies prepaid annual or multi-year upfront payments. Leverage IBM Global Financing to finance any remaining S&S renewal and help your clients avoid project delays.

Passport Advantage Online

Track customer information and activities, and view agreements with Passport Advantage Online.

Incentive Calculator

Please use the incentive calculator* to understand potential earnings when reselling IBM Software.

*The calculator is only for planning and demonstration purposes and do not represent a guarantee of future payments.


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