IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage solutions

IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage solutions: much more than used. Our inventory includes IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage Solutions, IBM mainframes, IBM parts and features - uniquely available from IBM and sold by IBM and IBM Business Partners.

IBM Buyback Solutions

IBM Buyback Solutions are a fast and efficient way to transform used IT equipment and mobile devices into cash while mitigating data and financial risk in a secure and environmentally compliant manner.

IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage solutions benefits

Total solution

Total solution

We deliver complete systems and upgrades configured and built to client specifications. A 90-day quality satisfaction guarantee is included.

At a place near you

At a place near you

Full product line to meet your customers performance and budget requirements with local access to inventory and support and rapid delivery.

No fake parts

Original parts only

We use IBM’s original manufacturing specifications during the refurbishment process - and genuine, current parts if replacements are needed.

Best-of breed remanufacturing process

Best-of breed remanufacturing process

An authentic Bill of Material and access to serial number maintenance records result is certified products immediately eligible for IBM Maintenance.

Leveraging IBM expertise

Leveraging IBM expertise

Testing and quality inspection incorporates product experience from current customer installations as well as environmental compliance.

Lease and payment options

Leases and payment options

Financing available at competitive interest rates and flexible terms. Up to USD 250,000 of financing for IBM Certified Pre-owned where others will not.

Read IBM Buyback solutions and IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment success stories:

Air Canada Rouge- Improving the in-flight experience

Air Canada Rouge offers iPads for use while in flight. But even as the popularity of the iPads grew among passengers, the devices were becoming obsolete. IBM’s Global Asset Recovery Services bought back the older iPads and facilitated the lease of new devices with a customized 3-year, fixed-term contract. 

Software Engineering GmbH- Delivering sought-after software solutions developed and tested on IBM Certified Pre-owned servers

SEG, software services provider, worked with IBM Global Asset Recovery Services to deploy an IBM Certified Pre-owned IBM mainframe that offers ample capacity for smooth and flexible product development at the optimal price point.

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