We offer customized financing programs

Inventory financing

Inventory financing allows channel partner inventory to be optimized and readily available for resale to end user customers. We reduce pressure on partners to pay based on standard supplier terms and provide credit line flexibility for large orders and seasonal demands.

Accounts receivable financing

Accounts receivable financing provides continued access to working capital after product sale — with closer alignment to a partner’s cash conversion cycle. We provide financial flexibility to accelerate business growth and effectively manage cash flow demands.

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We can help

Our working capital financing solutions help IT suppliers and their channel business partners, both distributors and resellers by:

  • Enabling channel sales growth
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increasing credit capacity
  • Enhancing financial flexibility
  • Mitigating risk
  • Strengthening partner loyalty

What IBM Business Partners say about Commercial Financing

CEO: MyungChun Chung & Managing Director SeongGoo Hong

“IBM Global Financing support has made an incredible difference to us. We have grown market share in our country and we attribute this to IGF’s fantastic offering, flexibility, and tireless support. These coupled with their incredible integration and work ethic mean no competitor can even come close to matching IGF’s cooperation and collaboration."

Terry Johnson - Chief Financial Officer -Sirius Computer Solutions

“I work with a number of financial institutions and have found that IBM Global Financing really understands our business and is more flexible and proactive to my credit requirements than others. I consider IGF a key financial partner to the success of our business."

Willis Lumpkin - Treasurer - Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

“Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions works with IBM Global Financing in over 25 countries to manage credit capacity for many of our key distributors. IBM Global Financing effectively works with our business partners to enable Toshiba sales through the channel."

Rajeev Kapoor - Executive Director, Global -Financial Services – Dell

“IBM Global Financing’s partnership with Dell has been a global relationship for many years and in FY16, this has been aligned to extend offerings in the APJ region as well. IBM Global Financing’s expertise in this business, ability to understand the requirements from supplier and buyer perspective, and flexibility helps accelerate the program and provide the partners a great ecosystem to grow."

Svens Dinsdorfs, CEO, ELKO Group

“The availability of large-scale financial resources is crucial for the wholesale business. No less important is the ability to have a flexible approach, as our partner and regional network is wide, and quite often requires unique scenarios. In addition, the IT industry is very much affected by business seasonality."

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