Customized financing solutions to meet your customers' needs

Financing IBM Cloud

Support the full lifecycle of your customer's cloud investment with competitive financing solutions that turn upfront costs into affordable payments.

Financing IBM Watson

Help your clients quickly deploy cognitive technologies with flexible financing solutions to help them minimize upfront payments and better align project costs outlays to anticipated benefits.

Financing IBM Watson Customer Engagement

Help your customer unleash the power of Watson Customer Engagement with flexible financing options.

Financing IT Infrastructure

Help your clients acquire their IT Infrastructure, including Power Systems, IBM Storage and IBM Z mainframes through competitive leasing solutions and loans with competitive interest rates.

Financing IBM Security

Support your clients' security priorities and help them turn upfront costs into affordable monthly payments with cometitive interest rates for IBM Software.

Financing IBM Services

Help your customers design and build the platforms necessary for growth and help make IBM Services more affordable through our attractive financing solutions.

Mobile solutions financing

Offer flexible financing solutions to help your customers invest today in the mobile capabilities they need to grow and profit in the future.

Financing IBM Collaboration

Provide your customers payment solutions to help them integrate social business capabilities into core business functions.

Financing IBM Software

Help clients acquire software through simple contracts, flexible structures, and competitive rates. 

  • Competitive interest rates over 12 months for new IBM licenses and first-year subscription and support.*
  • Competitive interest rates on Extended Payment Solutions: Two payments – half at month three and half at month nine.

Multi-year maintenance services financing

Receive credit for the entire contract term upfront and decrease your invoicing and collection costs with prepaid renewals.

Look to IBM Global Financing to help your clients achieve more predictable cash flow and lower total payments and avoid potential annual increase by locking in current maintenance prices.

Financing SaaS solutions

Close higher value SaaS deals with a payment plan when the SaaS contract specifies prepaid annual or multi-year upfront payments. Leverage IBM Global Financing to finance any remaining S&S renewal.

Mitigate credit risk of non-payment and simplify operations – IBM Global Financing is responsible for billing and collections.

Turn to IBM Global Financing to help your clients avoid project delays.

Grow a stronger business

  • Gain repeat business by being proactive - review mid lease upgrade or end of lease extension options.
  • Get paid faster - settle invoices within just a few days.
  • Accelerate closing deals through payment deferrals.
  • Financing offers competitive loans on IBM products or leasing solutions on IBM or non-IBM equipment.
Grow a stronger business
Why your customers value IBM Global Financing

Why your customers value IBM Global Financing

  • Fewer budget delays by providing flexible funding options including longer payment terms or customized payment structures
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to upfront purchase or loan
  • Flexibility to expand or upgrade to lessen the risk of IT obsolescence
  • Multiple end of lease options
  • Streamlined asset management with automated tracking tools
  • Simplified asset disposal

Integrate financing into your deals to reduce your clients' financial risk and boost your sales.


*Charges for software and services must be one-time, non-recurring. Minimum deal size is 5,000 USD, with maximum of 1M USD. Not all products qualify for all offers, please check with your local representative.