Filament launches chatbot for guidance on COVID-19

Challenge: To help people with information about COVID-19, telephone support is often the first line of defense. However, it can quickly be overwhelmed and another option is needed.

Solution: Filament's fast track, no-code solution helps organisations to quickly create, deploy and manage a chatbot that can help address increased demand for information around the coronavirus.

Karantis360 supports caregivers to keep vulnerable people safe

Challenge: Vulnerable people being cared for in their own home need support in these most challenging of times. 

Solution: Using sensors to keep a watchful eye, the solution from Karantis360 uses IBM’s AI and advanced analytics to identify and learn a person's typical behaviour. Through a mobile app, caregivers are alerted to changes in daily routine which could point to a potential problem.

I2V helps manage impact of COVID-19 on call centre operations

Challenge: The impact of COVID-19 is stretching call centres and customer service operations to their limits. There has been a big jump in customer contact volumes as customers request payment holidays, refunds, cancellations, financial assistance and seek help relating to their changes of circumstances.  At the same time, organisations are facing enormous operational challenges staffing their call centres. 

Solution:  I2V’s Business Automation for COVID-19 response solution helps call centres to manage customer interactions in a complete, consistent and controlled way, helping organisations to adapt in today's most challenging business environment.

CSI collaborates with NHS, testing laboratories and research companies to combat COVID-19

Challenge: In the era of COVID-19, essential services must be maintained. Increased capacity is needed and data must be kept secure.

Solution: Digital performance and systems integration company CSI is providing 24x7 IT services and support to NHS Trusts, pathology testing laboratories and biotechnology research companies, as well as support for national logistics organisations.

OCF provides infrastructure for University of Birmingham research project to protect cancer patients

Challenge: Cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to the risk of COVID-19 and need to be protected.

Solution: High performance computing, storage and data analytics Partner OCF is supporting the University of Birmingham with the IT infrastructure needed to run its UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project. The research will enable oncologists to gain crucial insights that inform decision making to protect patients with cancer. 

Celerity offers zero-cost secure off-premise data backup to support crucial citizen services

Challenge: In response to the COVID-19 crisis, public sector organisations must deliver essential services at a time when resources are strained, new vulnerabilities are being exposed and valuable data needs protecting.

Solution: Celerity is providing 24x7 support and secure cloud repositories for critical tier 1 services. Cyber threats are mitigated by providing (air-gap) discrete copy of data with rapid restore access if needed.

wtv. deliver critical live and virtual events during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Challenge: When in person meetings are not possible companies still need to get their message out to their global workforce and customers. This needs to be done in an engaging way to provide effective communication on a platform that’s reliable.

Solution: wtv. design sophisticated, customised Virtual Event interfaces and deliver them with project management, integrated live streaming, remote video capture tools and engagement strategy, built on the IBM Watson Media Video streaming platform.

IBM Institute for Business Value

The IBM IBV collaborates with industry professionals, leading-edge clients, academics, and a wide range of IBM consultants and subject matter experts around the world. See below for the most recent COVID-19 insights.

The COVID-19 cyberwar: How to protect your business

Between early March and early May, IBM X-Force observed a more than 6000% increase in coronavirus-themed spam. We have tips to help organizations protect themselves.

The CMO’s guide for turning mayhem into momentum

Five steps to help your teams weather the COVID storm, reimagine what’s possible, and prepare to drive your company’s growth.

COVID-19 Action Guide: Beyond the Great Lockdown

It's time to prepare for a different normal. Focusing on seven business imperatives can help organizations build strategies to address new challenges that come in the wake of COVID-19.

IBM joins global fight against COVID-19

Find out what IBM is doing

How IBM technology is being used to fight COVID-19

IBM is working closely with the U.S. and worldwide governments to launch the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium. The aim is to support COVID-19 research to better understand COVID-19, its treatments and potential cures. 

Call for Code Global Challenge takes on COVID-19

IBM has expanded the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge to take on COVID-19. Developers and problem solvers are invited to join us to build open source solutions that make an immediate and lasting impact.

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Develop data management skills at home with Smart Vision

Smart Vision is currently offering seven of their most popular SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler online self-paced courses for free. Each one digs in depth into a particular statistical technique or aspect of SPSS functionality. From now until the end of May, you can take as many of these courses as you like at no cost. Just use code IBMwebinar100 at the checkout to access the free courses. 

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Free remote monitoring for IBM Spectrum Protect & Spectrum Protect Plus

Managing multiple data protection products remotely and with reduced staffing numbers can jeopardise the quality of your data protection service and put one of your most valuable assets at risk. Predatar Insights provides deep analytics & insights via single pane of glass into your data protection environment. Get complete control of your data protection environment from any location and on any device. 

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